Marleys B71126 Marley S Mellow Mood Half Lemonade and Half Tea -12×16 Oz

Save on Marley s Mellow Mood Half Lemonade & Half Tea (12×16 OZ). Marleys Mellow Mood is a new line of 100% natural relaxation beverages created in partnership with the family of legendary musical prophet Bob Marley. With its soothing style natural ingredients and great taste Marleys Mellow Mood is designed to reduce stress and relieve tension while calming the soul and easing the mind. (Note: Description is informational only. Please read the full ingredients on the product before use. Please consult your health professional with any dietary or ingredient questions prior to use.)Specialty Dietary Needs : Gluten Free Vegan Kosher Dairy Free

Quick facts

  • Marley`s Half & Half Lite Tea/Lemonade
  • Good Value and Practical

Top reviews

relaxing, almost like something you smoke

Couldn’t believe it when told how relaxing this beverage was. Seriously, drink it only if you are getting ready for a nap or bedtime. If you have plans to drive or perform any other activity not recommended.

I feel my arms and legs almost tingle with relaxation. After a short time my eyes start to get droopy and I am in another place.

Love this stuff.

BlanchHamilton, IA

Never paid that much !

I bought these at Grocery Outlet here in the Seattle Tacoma are for $4.00 a case of tweleve not paying $38.00 Yes 3 for a dollar. I like the taste not great but not bad either low calorie will buy more but not at this whacked out price.
TeressaHanover, VA

Marley’s Mellow Mood Lite – Half Tea Half Lemonade

This is an great product. The taste is great, and it works exactly as described. Superb natural sleep aid. AMAZING!
MadelynCowlesville, NY

Great product to help you sleep

WE have been looking for “natural” ways to help us sleep since we always seem to be overloaded with stress and a busy schedule. Yes, we’d probably be better served taking a yoga class, but this is a good second choice. This helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. I drank half the first night and that was plenty for me. After about 30 minutes, I was ready for bed! I woke up refreshed and with no sleepy-drug hangover, so that is a huge bonus.

I gave the product 3 stars (instead of the 5 it deserves) as their packing job was marginal at best. The product arrived with 2 broken bottles, which at this price is a $6 loss! The bottles are glass and all they did was wrap one layer of the small-bubbled bubble wrap around the case and placed it in a larger box with extra room to move around in that box. Big packing fail, but the product is awesome.

SandeeCenter Rutland, VT