Marmite Yeast Extract

Delicious when spread thinly on toast or for a treat try on a crispbread with cottage cheese. Good source of B vitamins.

Quick facts

  • Marmite Yeast Extract
  • Delicious when spread thinly on toast
  • Good source of B vitamins
  • Imported
  • 4.4 oz glass jar

Top reviews

Marmite – The Worse Thing I Ever Tasted

I purchased two of this and threw them both away. I have never tasted anything to discusting in my life. This maybe good for you, but I would be ill if I had to take one more bite of this stuff. I accidentally opened both of them, thinking I would enjoy this. Of course, I lost my money and will reconsider when buying products that are described the way this item was described.
RosellaNazareth, KY

No interior seal !

I used to eat Marmitte when I lived in England. It is a salty and very tasty paste and it is absolutely delicious on toast with butter. Almost impossible to find it in America except on Amazon or in some gourmet stores or health stores like Whole food Market. The one I received 2 days ago had neither the usual interior seal or the plastic seal that normally cover the jar. I am sending it back!! So disappointing!!
ToiHudson, WY


I bought Marmite mainly cause I was curious about the taste and always heard it was a love it or hate it sort of spread. I have to agree. It has a strong, salty flavor and is definitely not for faint hearted if you want to try it.

I don’t know if there is such thing as in between love and hate but that’s sort of where I am since I find the taste interesting but powerful.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up even though I wouldn’t eat it every day. Others who are Marmite lovers will surely enjoy it.

MitchellWesco, MO

Love it or Hate it

You will hate it if you spread it on toast like you would peanut butter or jam. A little packs a big punch. 1/2 tsp is sufficient.

I spread it on toast add cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce (sometimes a boiled egg) and bacon. It gives blt’s a kick and the cheddar enhances the flavor.


ShelbyArdmore, OK

The British really eat this stuff?

A friend of mine told me about Marmite and how it’s chalk full of vitamins and such and that the British eat this stuff on toast with their breakfast. So being somewhat adventurous when it comes to food, I thought I’d give it a try. I read a bunch of other reviews on here both good and bad so I felt I was properly prepared for what I was facing. I ordered it and it arrived very quickly in a larger box than I was expecting and it was bubble wrapped to the hilt! Peeling off layer after layer (after layer, after layer) I finally got down to the center . . . and I started to think this was a joke! It’s an incredibly tiny container!

So I had read that this is some powerful stuff, so I open it up and just dab my pinky in it for a quick taste. WOW, that is some strong stuff!! Those other reviews weren’t kidding!!! It’s also kind of sticky, like a consistency that reminds me of honey (so be careful what it touches, because it’s likely to remain there). So the next morning I make some toast and LIGHTLY spread some Marmite on there and tried it . . . still strong, so I put butter on there as well. Not bad but the strong, salty taste of the Marmite definitely hangs on. On another piece of toast I again put a light amount of Marmite on there and then covered it with honey . . . not bad with the combo of salt and sweet.

I’ve done this for a couple of weeks now, and I can see why the container is so small. Using small amounts it hardly looks like I’ve made a dent in it at all. I can’t say I’m a big fan, but it’s definitely an acquired taste that I’m not sure I’ll acquire by the time I finish the tiny container off!

MaliaArtie, WV

Love the taste, hate the texture!

I love this stuff. It takes a bit of practice to get it right, but I mix it with cream cheese and spread it on bagels in the morning. Yum! I don’t know why it is so sticky though. You have to be careful with the lid because if you close it too tight you will have a time getting it open again. The stickiness just freezes that lid shut no matter how careful I am. I have found that running under warm water does the trick to open it again. I love my Marmite. The taste is about the same as the more expensive and famous Vegemite. Enjoy!
OllieGrangeville, ID


As an American, I don’t ever see this kind of product at home. I received a small jar of Marmite and was apprehensive about the flavor. It has a strong nutty flavor that is not unpleasant but I’m not sure how I’ll be eating it. I guess I can put it on toasted bread at first and experiment with other stuff. It doesn’t taste bad, just different.
JohnieDavidsonville, MD


Okay, I read the reviews. And I asked my British friends what Marmite was like. Nothing gave me a clear enough idea, though, so I ordered some from Amazon and tried it myself.

The verdict’s still out. I neither hate nor love, much less like nor dislike, Marmite. I’ve tried it on plain toast, and I’ve eaten it on toast topped with eggs. The taste is a bit bitter, like the toast is slightly burned. That would normally be a turnoff, but Marmite is very salty, and that takes the edge off the bitterness.

It’s nutritious. You can smell B vitamins when you first open the jar. But I’m not sure the sodium content makes that a point in its favor.

I’ll probably finish the jar and forget all about Marmite. It’s that underwhelming.

EllisGarrison, MO

energy boost/diet

Bought this stuff For my Mom and she swears by the stuff, eats this stuff mixed in with a little butter and spreads it on crackers. She says after eating this she has no need to eat regular food anymore because she actually feels full. Great for diets if you can get past the taste. It’s a small jar but it lasted her a whole month.
TimothyCampaign, TN


I’m sure this is exactly what it’s supposed to taste like… i like trying new things but wooow. Why anybody would willingly wish to put this in their mouth is beyond me 😀 The quality of the product is excellent but that little 4.4oz bottle was about 4oz more than enough for me 😀
CatriceMesquite, NM

Overpriced in US but a must have

I just wish the vendors were more realistic in pricing. Yes I know the dollar is weaker but the prices are almost gouging.
KathyDrury, MO

Nectar of the gods

Delicious and very healthful, this stuff can be added to so much. Try it on some unexpected items and be surprised and how well it improves! … toast, hamburgers, cheesecake, chocolate cookies, baked potatoes, sandwiches, and more.
MirandaCottage Hills, IL

Good Old Marmite!

When we were kids we ate it a lot – its versatile, concentrated and a tasty flavoring. Very good on toast with butter and a cup of tea. But, the big deal was if we got a chill or didn’t feel well, Marmite always did the trick. A little dab mixed into a cup of hot water makes a delicious instant healing broth to sip on. It works like magic for a head cold!
SybilSebewaing, MI

Nicely packaged new, shipped quickly.

All the taste many tell you about this product – salty and ugh tastes but good for me! I grew up nibbling on compressed yeast when making bread and hoped it would be a similar taste, not quite but everything I was told, I eat a bit every day – getting my vitamins.
JermaineCannonsburg, MI


I love it – always have, but its definitely a personal preference taste thing.
Spread it VERY lightly on toast for a savory breakfast.
IngridWilson Creek, WA