Marquis-Nutra Foods / Get Chia Brand Chia Seeds – 1 TOTAL POUND = ONE x 1 Pound Bag

1# Organically grown bag of Supreme grade chia seed. Our chia seed is literally the finest, cleanest and most pure seed on the planet! We buy direct from several growers and pass the savings on to you!

Quick facts

  • #1 Source For Omega’s
  • Protein Rich
  • Full Of Fiber
  • High Antioxidents

Top reviews


The product was sent in a timely fashion, but it was not what I had been lead to believe.
JamesPickford, MI

Maybe super food

Chia seeds are hyped to be super foods. I haven’t noticed any difference in my health after a couple of weeks. People tell me I should take these for a long time. How long? Beats me. I have a good diet, don’t smoke etc. When I drink a Diet Coke, I get a lift immediately. I don’t want to wait 6 months. I don’t believe these would hurt you, but maybe I’m missing something here.
EdenPeapack, NJ


After reading the book “Born to Run” -I had to try these little seeds. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the energy and hydration they provide during extended cardio workouts. I have noticed that at the time my body normally quits, it seems to keep on going after having consumed Chia earlier in the day. I cannot conclusively say it is because of the Chia seeds but nothing else in my diet or exercise routine has changed.

They taste great simply with some water and sugar, or sprinkled on top of a salad. I highly recommend for anyone hiking, running or performing any extraneous activity.

DeloiseSaint Charles, IA

Love chia seeds

What can I say? Chia seeds are great. They help to satiate my appetite and they are loaded with all kinds of nutritious stuff.
LatoyaParrott, GA