Mars Bounty Bar

Mars bounty bar (case of 24) are milk chocolate filled with a soft coconut center. Imported from the UK

Quick facts

  • Package contains 24-count bars of Mars bounty bar
  • Imported from the UK
  • Contain two pieces of milk chocolate coating and fresh tasting coconut filling

Top reviews

Wife enjoyed the bounty bars

I got these candy bars for my wife. She was very pleased with the quality of these candy bars.
ShaundaChino Hills, CA

taste of paradise

Love the moist coconut center. The chocolate is right amount of sweet too but if you prefer a stronger taste try bounty with dark chocolate. It’s virtually unavailable in the US, so I’m glad that I could keep my bounty addiction going through Amazon!
MargeretHubbardsville, NY

Bounty candybar

I remember loving this product when it was still sold in the U.S. I was disappointed when it was dicontinued. I was very excited to be able to taste them again. They just don’t have that same vanilla taste that I remember loving. They were still good, but not great.
TreyMorris, IN