Mars Chocolate Bars, 6-Count

Chocolate-malt nougat topped with a layer of caramel and covered with milk chocolate. In the United States, it is known as the Milky Way bar. (There was a Mars bar in the United States, but it was discontinued in 2000. It was then relaunched under the new name the Snickers Almond bar.)

Quick facts

  • Mars Bar in a pack of 6
  • Topped with a layer of caramel
  • Covered with milk choclate
  • Imported from Ireland
  • Chocolate-malt nougat

Top reviews


I was looking for the old simply delicous Mars Bars ! They had a white nougat interior and a chocolate cover-with nuts.

I had hoped that the ones from Ireland would be the same. They weren’t.

They were too sweet with lots of vile caramel, and I threw them away.

ShantaStrongstown, PA

Mars bar review

These Mars bars are not the Mars bars I used to eat. They taste like Milky Ways. Very costly for what you get. If you are craving the taste of the original Mars bars, Walmart now carries them.(and the cost is SO much better)
TaylorHuggins, MO


Somebody just dumped the MARS bars in a brown envelope with one of them being smashed and the envelope was opened,at least they couldve wrapped the candy in plastic. I think that was very tacky and a lousy way to do business!
PeterMankato, MN

Mmm… Mars Bars! :-P~

I’m guessing you probably already know what a mars bar is, so let’s just assume you like ’em. Not a whole lot else to say. If you haven’t had an English style mars bar before, I would say that they’re one of they’re one of the nicer candy bars out there. Well worth trying for anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of fine junk foods! Do be aware though that judging by some of the other reviews posted, they’re NOT quite the same as the mars bars that some buyers may have been expecting.

While prices do fluctuate, as of the time of writing this package of 6 will wind up costing you just a fraction over $1.99 a bar. Amazon does sell these bars in packs of more than 6, and bigger the pack you buy, the better deal you get. So if you are able to find a deal that translates as good value from where you sit (and especially if you qualify for free shipping), this seems as good a place as any to buy your chocolate fix. If not, hey, look elsewhere.

I took a star off because… Well, just the obvious. Mars bars are bad for you, duh! So please, enjoy in moderation 😉


RoccoDawson, GA


these were european mars which are apparently milky way bars so i wasnt thrilled and also they arrived completely melted
MeiCloudcroft, NM

The ‘new’ Mars Candy Bar

My husband and I recently came across the Mars Bars for sale at World Market in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. We bought a number of these Mars Bars which were produced in Poland. We felt they were delicious, but they did not seem exactly like the ones we used to enjoy about 15 years ago.
CamillaBerlin, GA

Well Done

I love Mars bars, and these taste just like the ones I would buy in the UK. Great product and they were nice and fast.
CatarinaPeshtigo, WI

Good stuff

Tasted great once they arrived. Been searching for these for awhile, finally found them here. The wife loves these and has been eating them with gusto. I ate one and it was awesome. I’ll be ordering more soon. These are hard to find now-a-days. Still fresh in the package too.
JaimeOrangeburg, SC

why why why?

Why is it so hard to find Mars bars in grocery stores these days? Do they just not ship to southeast Pennsylvania anymore? Am I shopping in all the wrong places? They used to be really popular 20 years ago. You’d walk in and there they’d be right next to the Snickers and 5th Avenue bars, but now… I guess they’re being pushed to the side for other candy bars. This is an outrage! I’m not paying more than 5 bucks for a few candy bars either.
GeralynMount Vernon, AR


the chocolate was absolutely great. too bad they dont make these anymore. i would definitely buy these again so my taste buds can be tickled!
ReneeCranberry Isles, ME

Just what I ordered

My friend was craving these and could not find them anywhere! My biggest concern was will they be fresh? She said they were delicious, thank you!
EleaseLincolnville, KS

Mars Bars review

My stepfather used to get these for me whenever he flew to Germany on business, but he recently got a job with a new airline company and no longer has to fly outside the U.S. I was glad to find these on Amazon, and I intend to share them with my stepfather, as I’m sure he misses being able to get them!
PedroWest Eaton, NY