Marshalls Creek Spices Canadian Steak Seasoning, No Salt, 12 Ounce

Marshalls Creek Spices is a division of Pure And Natural Spices, where we pack  a large selection of spices, herbs and blends, in attractive, clear almost quart size some jars smaller wide mouth jars, with tamper proof seals. We stock over 200 different varieties. All packed weekly, unlike what you buy in the store. 

Quick facts

  • Packed weekly
  • No Fillers
  • No MSG
  • All Natural

Top reviews

Canadian steak seasoning no salt

I originally searched for TONE’S or WEBER Canadian steak seasoning.
I used these brands for years as a table seasoning in lieu of salt as I
am a heart patient and am limited in salt intake. These filled the bill!
When these items could not be found or were discontinued, this product was
most similar in their advertising, however the taste of this product
is horrible by comparison to the above mentioned superior brands. I will
NOT buy again or recommend!
MachelleLamar, MO

Decent stuff

I knew it said “steak” in the title but I bought it for generic use as a alternative to Mrs Dash.

Would I reorder it? Probably. Can’t say it was my favorite, but it had it’s usage, it’s places.

HeleneOcklawaha, FL

Great on baked potatoes!

The quantity is huge. The quality is great! Works on anything you’d put salt on.

It’s become as basic to our dining room table as salt and pepper and gets more use.

JulieannUniontown, AL