Marshalls Creek Spices Thyme Leaves Crushed, 4 Ounce

Marshalls Creek Spices is a division of Pure And Natural Spices, where we pack  a large selection of spices, herbs and blends, in attractive, clear almost quart size some jars smaller wide mouth jars, with tamper proof seals. We stock over 200 different varieties. All packed weekly, unlike what you buy in the store.

Quick facts

  • Packed weekly
  • No Fillers
  • No MSG
  • All Natural

Top reviews

Marshalls Creek Thyme

If you read my other reviews of Marshalls Creek herbs you will see that I had some bad experiences with most of their herbs including this one. These herbs come with a closed red cap (screw kind) and a sealed plastic banding, though this seams impressive the container is actually not sealed at all and as a result I had spider webs and mold “somehow” inside some of my herbs. This was not the case with the Thyme, however the stem to thyme leaf ratio was not very good. If you don’t mind a lot of stem with your seasoning then this could be a good fit for you. I don’t recommend this by any means but you could do worse and as my wife told me I did in fact get what I paid for.
KathrineTonalea, AZ

Not fresh at all

I noticed there was a bad review on the product but I thought that the review is 2 years old so the product quality can be different now. I was wrong. This “fresh thyme” give a horrible taste to the meal. Even if the product smell is acceptable, the fibers seems to contain mold (at least this is the taste it produces). The texture is mostly solid so is stem based not leaf.

I would not recommend this product!

GabriellaRoswell, NM