Marshmallow Fluff-Strawberry 7.5oz – 4 Unit Pack

The premium marshmallow cream, Marshmallow Fluff is still made in a costly, time-consuming batch whipping process. Now available in Strawberry, great topping on any dessert, including ice cream. Additional recipes available on label.

Quick facts

  • The original Fluffernutter ingredient and new strawberry flavor
  • Original 1920’s recipe – fluffy, white and smooth
  • No artificial preservatives – Kosher/Great for 7-minute Frosting, Never Fail Fudge

Top reviews

Coulda Been Wonderful

Strawberry flavored Fluff sounds like a treat, but unfortunately in my corner of the country it’s not available. But while the family and I went on vacation in Florida(Disneyworld!!) we found some at a local grocery store, and I was happy as a clam. Well, we never got to it and it ended up getting confiscated at the airport.(lame-o rules about gels, creams, etc.) So, some security schmuck at the Orlando airport is feasting away on my Strawberry Fluff.
Hope he enjoys it, the rotten S.O.B.!!!! I’m sure it would have been quite tasty.
MayraSpringer, OK

What’s not to love?

It’s a nice change of pace from regular Fluff. Saw this at the Peanut Butter & Co. sandwich shop in NYC and bought some there, but couldn’t find it anywhere close to where I live. It’s even better when you add real strawberries. Haven’t tried the Raspberry.
AlphonseHaskell, OK

Good stuff. Hard to find in stores.

Good stuff. Hard to find in stores. Found my Strawberry Fluff while I was surffing Not a bad price. The USE BY DATE on the jars were OCT.2013. Shipping was fast & my 4 JARS of fluff were packed well.
DorlaBrewton, AL