Martinelli’s Apple Juice, 64-Ounce


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Martinelli’s is, hands down, the best quality apply juice I have ever tasted. There is a strong sweet fresh apple taste. What’s more impressive is that Martinelli’s is only made with US apples. I compare it to Apple and Eve, which lists China as one of its sources for apples, and has a watered down taste. Also, the deal on Amazon is much better than I have been able to find in stores.
DeangeloLucerne, IN

Wyoming Girl

This is my all time favorite apple juice! In my opinion it is the best you can get
without making fresh yourself!!!!
BrockChama, NM

Best Apple Juice Ever!

I love this apple juice. It has a sweet, yet tangy taste akin to biting into a gala apple mixed with granny smith. I can definitely tell the makers mix a lot of apple varieties to give it such an inviting, semi-complex flavor. This juice is worlds beyond what concentrated store brand apple juice can offer.
CarmeloHamburg, NY