Maruchan Instant Lunch with Shrimp – 24/2.25 oz.

Just add water, and in three minutes, you can enjoy a hot, flavorful cup of hearty ramen noodle soup. This club pack includes 24/2.25 oz. cups.

Quick facts

  • Each box has Twenty Four 2.25 Ounce Cups of delicious Maruchan Shrimp Soup
  • Delicious and ready to eat, just add hot water
  • Great for lunch boxes, quick snacks, and college students

Top reviews

Once again, extremely overpriced……….

If you ordered from amazon, you’ve been ripped off. Sam’s club sells this item for around $6.00 and they are normally 2 or 3/$1 elsewhere. Don’t order from amazon.
EzekielArlington, VT

The Perfect Snack!

If you like these, then order them. They’re perfect. The box was delivered quickly and it’s packed very well. They were all fresh and delicious, so far; we still have a few left. I always forget stuff like this in the grocery store, so it’s nice to have it delivered. The kids love them to snack on from time to time.

I like them with a little cayenne pepper and sea salt; as per Dr. Oz, saying that a little cayenne pepper does a lot of good, LOL. Before adding the hot water, add the pepper and salt first so that it can sit with the hot water for the 3 minutes. 🙂

CarmanHellertown, PA

Best Flavor

This is the best tasting cup of noodles out there. I can get them for less at the store, but my store doesn’t deliver. I don’t like my noodles soupy, so, I usually cook them with some rice and a few shakes of Tony’s cajun seasoning. You can’t beat it with a stick!
YajairaDaleville, AL

Love ’em!

I’ll keep this short:

I started eating these when I was stationed in Japan.

Let’s just say that while I HATE sushi, I can eat two,
three, maybe four of these at a time… depending upon
if the little wife* is home!
Buy it!

*= denotes “No! SHE isn’t Japanese — she’s GERMAN!”

TiffanyLittle Compton, RI


These are great for when you are on the run, and you really dont have much time to cook anything. They aren’t meal substitutes, but they suffice.
BillieWilloughby, OH