Maruchan Ramen Less Sodium Chicken, 3.00-Ounce

Classic Maruchan instant ramen with less sodium!

Quick facts

  • instant Ramen noodles
  • 35% less sodium
  • chicken flavor

Top reviews

Lower salt…….yehhhhhh!

I love Ramen chicken noodle soup but it was always way too salty to eat more than once a week. With the decreased salt content in this packaged soup, I can eat it more often. It really does not taste lower in salt but the label says it is. I wish more soups lowered their salt content. I buy Amy’s soups because they are truly low salt but they are also rather expensive. And, like I said, I love Ramen chicken noodle soup so I do recommend this soup but it’s still a little too high when compared to Amy’s or other more healthful soups. With us consumers requiring lower salt in our foods with our purse strings, maybe the big companies will get the hint. This soup is quite delicious but read the label before you buy it!
TrulaTrent, SD

Why not just reduce the sodium of regular flavors?

I’ve tried this low-sodium variety and it had a surprisingly “peppery” taste that I did not care for. Also, you can reduce the sodium content of other flavors by only using half or two-thirds of the seasoning packet. You will get more flavor, but end up consuming as much sodium – sometimes even less, depending on the variety – than you would if you ate this low-sodium kind with its entire seasoning packet.

Ramen has an unfair bad reputation. Use less of the seasoning, add some leftover frozen vegetables, maybe toss in pieces of leftover chicken or cooked bacon, and you’ve gotten a decent small meal. I’m not saying that you should live off of Ramen only, but Ramen recipes have gotten my husband and I through some financially-tough months in the past.

AdolphChester, AR