Mary Janes Old Fashioned Candy, 1 Pound

This chewy molases and peanut butter candy was first made in 1914. And it’s still as yummy as ever. There are approximately 60 pieces per pound. Case contains 5 pounds of Mary Janes Candy. Made by NECCO. 

Quick facts

  • 1 pound of Mary Janes Candy, Chewy peanut butter-flavored
  • Approximately 60 pieces per pound
  • Product of Necco
  • Individually wrapped in rectangle shape, Bite size
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

Great Candy, Bad Wrapper

Mary Jane used to have an easy to remove wrapper with two twisted ends which made it easy to pull open and pop as many as you wanted in your mouth. But now nooooooo…they are so tightly wrapped and stuck to the candy that you have to use your nails to pick off the wrapper in pieces and sometimes you miss a piece which ends up in your mouth. And now there are smaller pieces anyway so you have to unwrap more often. Whoever came up with this new wrapper should be fired. Maybe Weight Watchers recommended it because you burn more calories in frustration than you get from the candy. Hey geniuses, when you have a nostalgic candy your selling DON”T SCREW WITH IT IN ANY WAY!
DelbertOtter Creek, ME

Yum yum

Nostalgia candy, tasted just as I remember. Service was fast. It seemed that the candy may have been around awhile, or stored in too hot conditions, because the wrappers seemed thinner and more difficult to remove than they should have been. Or maybe I was just in too big a hurry to get to the contents. Yummy.
OscarMoapa, NV

not what I remembered

I recall mary jane to have a peanut butter taste, but the taste was chewy without being tasty. It was kind of a blob. I would not order this product again.
PearlySpring Valley, NY

CA to Fla, no problem!

These candies arrived in good condition, no melting, hardening, or stickyness. they are fresh and as good as I remember.
KaciLabadieville, LA