MaryJanesFarm Black Bean Hummus, 3.6-Ounce Bags


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sounded good, but…

I bought this in a hurry, not realizing until it was too late to cancel (5 minutes later O.o) that this product is in fancy packaging meant to be used when hiking or camping. Black beans aren’t my favorite thing; however, I love hummus, and thought it would be good to try something different. As it turned out, I don’t care for the taste of it at all, and it triggered a migraine both times I ate some. I threw the rest of it away and nobody else that I know is willing to try it…hopefully whoever picks up the remaining 5 packets at the food bank will enjoy it.

Casbah makes a wonderful traditional hummus and is sold in 12 – 6 oz. units, whereas you get only get 6 – 3.6 oz. packages of this stuff. My advice is to try to find a single package in a store to try before purchasing it here…otherwise you could end up blowing almost 20 bucks like I did.

AssuntaAdelanto, CA