Massimo Gusto Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, 1 Liter 2-Pack

With a rich, buttery feel and distinct fruity aroma, the avocado is the surprising source for what’s rapidly becoming one of the best oils on the market today. Spurred on by science-backed medical benefits ranging from arthritis relief to improved eye health and rave reviews from Oprah and Dr. Oz, avocado oil is swiftly gaining a large and outspoken following. Since 2011, Massimo Gusto has partnered with growers and manufacturers in Mexico to bring the highest quality centrifuge-expelled oil to you. By avoiding harsh chemical extraction processes, we can guarantee our customers an avocado oil that retains its volume of intrinsic health benefits and naturally subtle, yet complex, flavor profile.

Quick facts

  • Improves Blood Vessel Integrity
  • Contains Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • High in Antioxidants
  • High heat resistance up to 491 Farenheit makes it ideal for cooking
  • Product Of Mexico

Top reviews

The other option is not impressive.

I purchased this set thinking it would be great to have one bottle and to give another away to a friend that I know loves cooking with “exotic” oils.

While the bottle/brand shown in the listing is impressive looking and would make a great gift, the other option, Massimo Gusto, looks like a cheap Mexican knock-off.

I will admit that I haven’t had the chance to taste the oil yet, but honestly, if I saw the brand in the grocery store, I wouldn’t have bought it.

BradWinchendon Springs, MA

Perfect Hostess Gift

Receiving two of these for $19.99 is quite a deal. Going to someone’s house and don’t know what to bring? This really is THE perfect gift. The bottle is attractive, the contents are great tasting and the cost is ideal. It’s not your average bottle of oil, it’s avocado oil. Seriously, perfect hostess gift. Give one away, keep one for yourself. Give two away. Keep two for yourself! Super deal!
CatalinaHickory Plains, AR

Excellent avocado oil

I hesitated to order this avocado oil because I had never heard of this brand before and didn’t want to end up with two bottles of bad oil. Well, I am SO GLAD I went ahead and placed the order because this oil is simply excellent.

I have tried extra virgin avocado oils from California and New Zealand and this Mexican oil is every bit as good and at a much better price.

The oil is clear and has a buttery feel and subtle flavor. I use it mostly for stir-fry because of its very high smoke point (higher than refined coconut, grapeseed, peanut, almond, safflower), but it is also perfect in dishes where the peppery fruitiness of olive oil may be too overpowering.

Amazon offers a very good deal on this oil. I just placed two more orders.

Great product. Highly recommended.

A word about the seller (Kalamala): I have already submitted a 5-star feedback for this seller, but I wanted to let prospective buyers know that the two 1 liter glass bottles arrived in perfect condition. Kalamala carefully wraps each bottle in bubble wrap and adds packing peanuts to the box for extra protection. See the photos I posted.

VenessaPohnpei, FM

Great Product + Great Customer Service

Love Love Love this Avocado oil. I have been purchasing Avocado oil in a can at the local grocery store (La Tourangelle brand) but was always disappointed by the fact that it contained a lot of impurities in it that made it unusable in certain cooking situations. For instance; for use in sauteing which was a shame because Avocado oil has an extremely high smoking point. This oil is totally pure and delicious. If you like popcorn this is the best oil for it. It’s high smoking point and delicious flavor make it ideally suited for it. We are on our 4th liter since purchasing. We received a call from the business about month after initial purchase checking to see how the oil was and if we were pleased with the product. Who does that?!?!?!?!?
RubyKittrell, NC

Massimo Gusto Avocado OIL

Good,mild tasting avocado oil.Excellent value.Bottles arrived well packaged.This is a great oil for healthy stir-fries.Safe for high heat.Cheap enough to use for everyday cooking. 4-26-12:.After using this oil for last few months I upped my rating to five stars. Just placed another order for this excellent all purpose oil.This is not a misprint,the Order does include two-1 liter bottles.Great value compared to the smaller 250ml-500ml bottles sold by other companies.And no sacrifice in quality.5-1-12,I just received my new order.Again the oil tastes great.New this time was custom molded packaging-similar to egg cartons.Bottles arrived safe and secure.Will happily keep ordering as needed.
EmilieNew Buffalo, MI


AustinMarathon, NY

Great Product at a Great Price

The title says it all. This is a great oil and the price is right. My shipment came promptly. Avocado oil is great for cooking and has many health benefits.
CordellMcloud, OK

Great value

Great price for the amount of avocado oil you get. You really won’t find anything else cheaper. And pretty bottle too. It would make a nice gift. I use the oil to make homemade mayo–it has a very mild taste so the mayo tastes like mayo. It’s not at all like using olive oil. And it’s a lot healthier than sunflower, canola, corn, and vegetable oil. I’ll definitely be ordering some more soon!
SantinaEddyville, NE

Great buy on a healthy oil

I have been using avocado oil instead of canola/olive oil to cook. It’s a great healthy substitute! This one is really tasty on dressings and perfect for cooking, good quality and price!
AlthaBasalt, ID


I am very happy with this, though next time I will buy it in the plastic bottles(
Massimo Gusto Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, 1 Liter Bottles (Pack of 2) ) because it’s cheaper.

It is great for deep frying. You can get the oil really hot so things cook quicker and are less greasy when done. I’ve done battered flounder, potatoes, mushrooms and beer-batter onion rings, all with great results. I’m kind of new to the deep fry, I’ve avoided it in the past because the oils are generally not very healthy. Avocado oil is healthy, like olive oil, but you can’t get olive oil hot enough to deep fry without smoking up the kitchen and making the oil bitter. No problem with the avocado oil. Highest smoke point of any commercially available oil. I’ve had it up over 450F with no smoke at all.

I also make a balsamic/garlic/herb vinaigrette, and I made it with this oil. It was very good, better, IMO, that with olive oil.

So far, the only thing I’ve with it that I didn’t care for was aioli. There is a butterry-sweet undertone to the avocado oil that didn’t belong, and there is a tangy aspect to olive oil that was missing. So, I’ll be sticking with olive oil for the aioli.

The price for this or it’s plastic-bottled equivalent makes it possible for me to make it a regular part of my cooking. At the local grocery stores, most don’t have it, and if they do it’s like $16 for a 6 to 8 ounce bottle, so I just never tried it before, though I wanted to.

I hope this company will keep the quality up and the price down. If they do I’ll be a regular customer. Seriously, in the next month or two I am buying a dedicated fry pot and some more of this oil, and I’m going to start deep-frying on a regular basis.

DonnyOsceola, MO

Please with Purchase

I have been making an effort to eat more healthfully this year, and had done allot of reading about using the various “good” oils in cooking. Avocados are one of my favorite foods, so I wanted to try avocado oil. Not finding it in my local stores (why did I ever move to a rural place???), Amazon, once again, came to the rescue.

The oil arrived well packaged! No danger of breakage here!

I love the taste of the avocado oil and have used it in cooking and salad dressings. The best thing I have used it for is making a focaccia-style flax seed bread. It added a nice flavor that the recipe needed. It is also very nice for sauteing vegetable in a stir fry.

The price through Amazon was no worse than good quality olive oil.

ShaundaEllsworth, OH

Best All Purpose Cooking oil!

I bought this to use for frying and sauteing because of its higher smoke point. This oil, when I did the math ended up costing about as much as extra light olive oil, and its much, much safer to use. The bottles are glass, so there is no plastic leakage, and the oil is sublime! I hardly every use olive oil any more- why would I, when this does every and more, and it tastes amazing as well! I noticed that literally everything I cook tastes better when I use avocado oil- better than butter, in most cases!

I’ve ordered it 3 times so far. Each time the bottles were a bit different, and I liked the addition of the spout thing, but I was sad to get a clear bottle instead of the darker ones- the darker bottle protects the oil from sun damage better. I’m hoping the next batch I order (because I will be ordering more) will have the darker bottles again.


JospehTimber Lake, SD

I really wanted to like this product

This seemed like such a great deal in terms of price and smoke point that I already imagined myself making it my default cooking oil. Both bottles arrived on time and in good condition, but alas the oil smelled and tasted rancid. I really advise everybody to give it a taste before using in cooking. I tried it several times because I just couldn’t believe I ended up with 2 liters of unusable oil. I guess it was too good to be true. The only silver lining is that customer service was amazing (as other reviews indicate), gave me a call hours after I posted my feedback, and eventually refunded the purchase. This is the only reason why I did not give the product 1 star.
TamikaSalem, KY

High quality product, excellent price

Like this avocado oil so much I’ve ordered it twice and will order it again when I run out. It has a nice mild flavor and really works well for higher heat cooking such as stir fry. I also use it to improve my dogs fur quality. A couple of eggs cooked in avocado oil every 2 to 4 weeks really makes his coat soft. It does come in the dark green bottles as the picture shows. As other reviewers have commented it comes packaged in plenty of bubble wrap and arrives fairly quickly. A great product at an excellent price.
BrantLawrenceburg, TN

mild…not offensive… can stand heat without oxidizing

the title says it all… and the price is pretty great for avocado oil. We use this for kale chips, roasted vegetables..anytinhg with cooking.
MosheNottingham, NH