MatchaDNA USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 4 oz Culinary Grade Powdered Matcha Green Tea – High in antioxidants

Certified USDA Matcha Green Tea Powder 4 oz Culinary Grade Organic Green Tea powder. • 100% PURE USDA ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA: Certified USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea powder. Culinary grade • CULINARY GRADE MATCHA GREEN TEA: Great for smoothies, lattes, baking, food preparation, or other commercial use • Great for tea, lattes, baking, or other commercial use. •SUSTAINABLE PRODUCED IN SMALL BATCHES: MatchaDNA Matcha Green Tea ise sustainable produced on small family owned farms • LAB TESTED FOR PURITY: Each batch of Matcha tea is lab tested for purity including for Lead and heavy metals • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products and offer you a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee so you can order in confidence Culinary Grade Matcha Green tea powder is slightly darker than Ceremonial grade Matcha and has a more distinct flavor. It is perfect for smoothies, lattes, baking, food preparation, and other commercial uses. ORDER NOW!

Quick facts

  • 100% PURE USDA ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA: Certified USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea powder. Culinary grade
  • CULINARY GRADE MATCHA GREEN TEA: Great for smoothies, lattes, baking, food preparation, or other commercial use
  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCED IN SMALL BATCHES: The MatchaDNA Matcha Green Teas are sustainable produced on small farms
  • LAB TESTED FOR PURITY: Each batch of Matcha tea is lab tested for purity including for Lead and heavy metals
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products nad offer you a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee so you can order in confidence

Top reviews

Ordered the item on the 7th.. wasnt shipped until the 14th!! WAY BEHIND THE ESTIMATED ARRIVAL DATE!

Ordered the item on the 7th.. wasnt shipped until the 14th!! WAY BEHIND THE ESTIMATED ARRIVAL DATE! They did not offer any compensation for my inconvenience. When asked if they would express ship the item, they responded “since we use proirity mail there is no guarenteed arrival date”. RIDICULOUS. I got this item FINALLY on Friday Oct. 17th (10 days after it was ordered… 5 days after the promised time frame) Product is just so-so. It only comes in a silver packaging, with a home-made looking logo on the bag. No Nutritional info, no ingredients. The communication was also very poor. took 2 emails befoe i got a response.
GusFranklin, KY

Matcha green tea powder

I enjoy Starbuck’s version w/melon flavor in latte and frapuccino. At home I just blend mine with vanilla soy milk which I think tastes awesome.
LamontNorth Fork, ID

Quality product

My recipe for Iced Green Tea Latte. 1 teaspoon (approx 4 gms) green tea powder, A pinch (1gm) of soy protein powder, 1 tablespoon sugar – mix with 1 tablespoon hot water and let seep for 2 mins. Add milk (8-10 oz) and ice.
AdriannaForest City, MO

high shipping, no cute tin, but great product

Bought to use in a cheesecake recipe that we’ve been enjoying for a year now using instant powder subsitutes…this is a reasonably-priced nice-sized sample to use. $5 shipping is a bit goofy for a soft 1-oz. packet of powder, but luckily I had a gift certificate. I look forward to trying different recipes with this. Cheesecake tastes good, a lot earthier/more organic now that we have the real matcha. I think I’ll try making iced lattes now. Too bad it didn’t come in the cute little round tin that they show it in…that was an appealing package but the resealable soft packet is nice too.
LannieArlington, CO

Great Flavor

As stated in the title, this powder was exactly what I was looking for. It has the same flavor as the Green Tea Latte sold at Starbuck’s and it’s good for your health too!
EllanAlmont, ND

Great product, quick service

The matcha tea is exactly what i expected. Extremely green, great flavor. Keep in mind i’m in no way a matcha expert but from my limited experience with this type of tea (starbucks, etc.) it was great. Got the product within days of ordering it far before the estimated date of delivery. Highly recommend this seller.
MitchelOllie, IA

Culinary teas bulk matcha vs. “tea ceremony quality” matcha

I am new to matcha drinking, so was somewhat concerned re: customer comments Culinary Teas matcha being “brown” (i.e. a not the correct bright green color). I had only tried Starbucks Matcha (PLEASE BE ADVISED – it is very tasty, but probably because the number one ingredient on the label is sugar). Also, a pound of Starbucks Matcha (as sold on a popular auction site) costs about the same as a pound of Culinary Teas bulk Matcha)…so you are getting far less of the expensive and healthful green tea powder and more sugar (the Starbucks product is somehow micronized so it does mix into solution much easier than a less processed pure tea powder). The teaspoon on the right is Teavana (at $16 for 30 grams – thats 2 Tbsp) they said it was the highest “tea ceremony” quality matcha. The teaspoon on the left is the bulk (1 lb, silver bag) CT product. Photo taken without a flash and not retouched so actual colors show. CT matcha is slightly less brilliant green. I mixed exact quantities (1/2 tsp) of matcha in 8 oz of liquid with exact quantities of sweetener (a blend of xylitol and stevia that I am experimenting with). The CT matcha tastes slightly less “green” and slightly more bitter than the Teavana, but I did the math ( a pound of CT would cost $240 at the Teavana $16 per 30 g cost) – so I am very happy with my CT purchase. Will use the smaller container for my “working” supply, freeze the rest and use as needed. Am finding Matcha to be a great substitute for my “too much coffee” habit and prefer the less instantaneous (but prolonged) energy boost it gives – not too mention alkalizing instead of acidifying, ECGC, and possible metabolism boosting effect.
PS Most Starbucks barristas do not know the Matcha powder contains sugar, so they will tell you the are not adding any. As consumers, we need to ask companies to STOP ADDING SUGAR (in whatever processed form it takes) to everything they make.
LaverneFletcher, NC

Green tea powder for life!

At first glance it may seem that this product is somewhat expensive–$30+ for tea, right? But a pound of green tea powder is A LOT!!! For a 6 oz cup of tea or most other uses you only need to use about a half a teaspoon or things get a little strong and murky. But I add it to everything–my morning protein shake, yogurt, Gatorade for the gym, etc., etc. and still I have yet to make a dent in the bag. I have also looked at green tea powder at places like Whole Foods and Asian super markets, and this is a really good deal in comparison. So buy some and enjoy!
MarylouNorthampton, PA

You get what you pay for – Quality worth every penny spent

This product is everything you would expect, and then some. The shipping was fast. The Matcha is sent in a resealable, heavy-duty FOILED plastic bag, EXCELLENT quality. I recommend using a small tin for everyday use, taking no more than an ounce or two from the larger bag, to preserve the flavor and freshness.

The taste is WONDERFUL. Very fresh, very green, very subtle, yet intense.
I purchased this product after Starbucks raised their prices (again!), because I had become a frozen green tea frappucino addict…Now I am just a Matcha addict.

I love it in the evening warm, in a large mug with a good splash of milk, and simply adore it from the blender with milk, ice cubes, some vanilla syrup and a splash of whipping cream for the frothy, creamy taste…

I use 2 level teaspoons, not packed, to a 20 oz. mug, so figure 1 teaspoon per “regular” coffee cup.

The illustrative picture is what your matcha will look like. None of the other vendors show the color/quality of their product…For something like this, being able to see what you will get is half the issue. I can tell you that the flavor, which is the other half, is also the quality you would expect and wish for.

KatherynWideman, AR

green tea powder

this product was exactly what I had hoped for as i was coming across recipes that called for matcha powder. It worked perfect and makes an excellent cup of tea (a little goes a long way, i definately feel i got my moneys worth). Try it in panna cotta!
RudyCraigmont, ID

extreme mediocritiy

The Matcha came promptly. There is plenty of it. Those are the positives.
The color of the Matcha looks nothing like the photo. It is a deeper, darker more muted green. It tastes similar to what it looks-muddy, sort of like dirty, grassy, water.
I have purchased much higher quality Matcha at very reasonable prices ($18.00 for 8oz.) in Japanese markets in NYC and L.A. I purchased this to drink every morning and to use in cooking and frappuccinos. So far, it is best for frappuccinos where the flavor is enhanced with plenty of sugar and Mimic Cream (almond, cashew cream substitute).
I would not recommend this product. Either spend more or keep looking. Good luck!
IsaMarshall, IN

pleased as usual

I have been using Matcha for several months because of its health promoting capabilities. I have my Matcha everyday.
KeeshaSan Mateo, FL

Lots of okay matcha for amazing price

Matcha comes in many different grades. Make no mistake, you are not going to get a full pound of high-quality matcha for less than several hundred dollars.
This is not matcha for drinking; it is matcha for cooking, baking, and even adventurously powdering breakfast cereal and ice cream with. If you want the stuff used in a Japanese tea ceremony, plan to pay a minimum of a dollar a gram, but if you want a lot of decent matcha for other purposes at a good price, this is it.
KellyElton, PA

Not great matcha, but for the price it’s good for everyday use

It tastes good enough and is affordable enough to use every day. It’s not sweet and super bright, almost-neon green like medium and high grade matcha, but it’s not bitter, unpleasant, stale, and brownish like Malden’s similarly priced matcha. It is only slightly more expensive than Malden’s matcha ($3.40/oz. or $2.62/oz. in bulk vs. Malden’s $2.50/oz) but the quality is superior. I highly recommend this as an overall good mathca at a really good price.

If this is the first matcha you try you won’t be disappointed. But if you’re not impressed with the taste keep in mind that the next step up in quality available through Amazon is at around $10/oz (ex. DoMatcha’s 2nd Harvest).

SalenaFairview, NC

Good but not quite starbucks

I bought this item based on the good reviews it got and for the price. I think this is a product that is more useful in baking than a hot tea – it seems to require a lot of careful mixing that is too much hassle for a quick cuppa. It was green and not brown like one of the reviews here stated. I just bought an ice cream maker and am planning to use it for that or just to add to my morning smoothie for a boost. I recently got a bag of the Starbucks version that is mixed with sugar and it blends very easily with hot water. They don’t sell it in their stores in powder form like you can buy coffee, but I know enough people in the Starbucks biz to get it on a regular basis. I think I will stick with that version for a hot tea, but I think this 1lb bag is good value for my baking purposes. Hopefully the ice cream will be as good as I want it to be!
MitziFife, VA

Great value…

I have had other matcha powders before and for its value I think you can’t do any better than this. I have my matcha every morning and I love it..
TishHickory Ridge, AR


This matcha green tea is perfect for the price and the quantity! As both a baker and a green tea lover, it will be utilized immensely! This is a fabulous product!
LourdesCastle Creek, NY

Lots of perfectly acceptable Matcha for absolutely dirt cheap.

I go through a lot of matcha, and I’ve tried a lot of different kinds. No, this is not tea ceremony quality tea powder, but it is bright green and tastes great. It’s a far cry from the brown matcha that the super-cheap stuff often is. It’s even significantly better than cooking-grade matcha. This is great tea for in just about anything or alone in water, and cheap enough to make it inexpensive for daily use. Came properly sealed in a foil bag.
AimeeNorth Fork, CA

Affordable to drink everyday.

Considering the price of top grade Matcha I figured that this would be “good enough”. It is just that. It is good enough for everyday drinking, smoothies and cooking. If you looking for top shelf, well then pay the high prices and get the best you can afford. If you want second best I recommend DoMatcha’s 2nd Harvest. If you want cooking, smoothie or food grade matcha at an affordable price, ten this is the stuff. It is not brown. It is green. Bright green no, but green. Considering the price, the quick delivery and if you want to be able to afford to drink this at least twice a day, this is perfect. No complaints.
AgustinaCape May Court House, NJ

Great Product!!!!!!

Matcha green really works! I am so glad I decided to give it a chance. I am quite a skeptic about trying new products. It does exactly what I have been researching. It gives me energy and controls my appetite. I also tried it as a facial mask. It left my skin with a nice and beautiful glow. I have recommended this product to my mother-in-law, great aunt, my dad and my husband. A week ago my husband drank his first cup of matcha green tea. I came home from work, he had dinner cooked, and he cleaned the house. I will always have matcha green tea in my house with a 180 like this one. I am very, very pleased and satisfied with my purchase.
BillyHavelock, NC

Quite pleased with the transaction and the product

Fast shipping, quality product in durable bag with ziplock. Good quantity and cheap. Good taste. The only drawbacks is that product is really difficult to dissolve. I like to make mine with vanilla soy milk, but I always have to stir out the powder in a small quantity of boiling water before adding the soy milk and then microwaving or steeming it. It still does not dissolve completely. Also this is a problem because green tea should be made with water that is about 60 degrees to preserve the best taste… I would like for the color to be more like the color in the photo, but it is a much more muddy green color. Not like starbucks…but maybe that means it is more natural – I dunno.
LonnaCarmel, IN

Excellant health benefits

I just got into drinking Matcha and have been fascinated by it. This is an excellant product for a reasonable price. I have been drinking it once a day and this quantity of a half pound will last 3-4 months. Not bad for $16. I greatly enjoy the calmness of mind and energy it gives me. I like to add a little honey to it. For a good read on its health benefits check out the amnio acid that is in it called L-theanine.
MarkDelaplane, VA

Great taste!

I use this powder to make the Jamba Juice equivalent of the Matcha Green Tea Blast. It does a great job in reproducing the taste. I’d recommend this supplier!
LiBirmingham, OH

better than expected

I purchased some macha at a health food store and figured it was the best quality. I was assuming that with the bright color and smell it was the best. It was good—–but this macha tea is BETTER in my opinion. The color is darker-but the smell is stronger–which told me this was going to be more potent than what I had tried before. So far it gives me a great boost and my body likes it as well. —I’m highly sensative to what I put into my body and I was happy to feel I made a great choice with this company and product. ****I plan to buy more in the future——
ChiHornbrook, CA

Absolutely delicious! Great quality matcha.

Firstly, I received my matcha a day earlier than Amazon expected, which was awesome, I was so anxious to get it. The matcha came in neatly packaged with a note from the company who makes it.
Secondly, the first thing I did was to make a cold cinnamon matcha smoothie with 2% milk. It was delicious! The matcha is a deep green color and had a very fine grain, there was hardly a difference between this and ridiculously expensive “ceremonial grade” matcha. This matcha, as long as it is properly sifted and mixed properly, will make beautiful drinks.

I will definitely be ordering more of this when I run out but that won’t be for a while- I ordered the 8oz bag. 🙂

I can’t wait to make matcha sugar cookies, and mocha cupcakes with matcha frosting. So many delicious possibilities!

DelenaLincoln City, IN

Solid Product, Fast shipping

The matcha green tea powder had a great color too it. The packaging was in a large, sealed reflective foil bag with a label showing the manufacture’s nutrition information. (Note: The bag was not resealable, so make sure you have a container to store it in after opening.)

The tea itself was a nice green color, very close to what is pictured in the description. I did not find it having a brownish tint at all, unlike some of the reviews that I have seen on here. It was all green. I could not find a better price for 8 oz. of matcha tea powder.

I personally started drinking matcha tea recently so I cannot determine how much better or worse it is compared to other brands. I do, however, have to say that I love the taste of this tea. I drink it unsweetened as both hot and iced tea. I also have successfully replicated great smoothie recipes and an iced latte recipe from my favorite beverage establishments (this stuff has saved me so much $$$ in smoothies that it has already paid for itself.)

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product. I was even more impressed with how fast it arrived. I was expecting 7-10 business days for it to be shipped and arrive, but it was at my doorstep in 3 business days!

TamalaKirksville, MO

Great! Got what I expected!

Great matcha powder, ideal for making frappes. The only problem was the delivery, the package got lost for a couple of days (not the sellers fault). Aside from that, excellent product, I really recommend it. 🙂
RachellePeach Orchard, AR

not as intersting as i thought

This is my first experience with matcha powder tea made at home. It is difficult to get to froth and much more of the powder is needed than I originally thought. I like the taste (bitter) but don’t see much benefit to powder vs loose tea. Although, clean up is very easy.
DennyCooperstown, PA

Strong but deelish!

By looking for an affordable substitute to the big coffee chains, I found this. It’s excellent and more healthy because it is not full of sugar like other powders. At first I kept making it WAAAAY too strong because I’ve tried many other types of powder that required 2-3 tbsp per cup. This powder is pure green tea and a little goes a long way. Because a little goes a long way, it is definitely worth paying a little more $$ for this product…the other ones might be cheaper but you need a lot more in your cup to make a good quality green tea latte.
MargaritaTuttle, ND

!st time matcha buyer

This is quality matcha tea at a very low price. If already have your own tin or are willing to get one seperate, it is a good way to get the same quality for half the price Also great for beginners because it came with instructions and information.
CatherinePort Republic, MD