Matharon Bars Energy Chewy Chocolate Peanut 6 Bar Multi-Pack

Snickers marathon chewy chocolate peanut energy bar, 6-count bar (pack of 3) is where you strive to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Delicious snickers marathon energy bars can help you get the sustained energy and nutrients you need for your busy life! We packed each bar with rich chewy chocolate layers outside with peanuts, creamy caramel, and chocolate flavored crisps inside. A delicious taste combination! Our unique protein blend (soy, peanut, milk protein concentrate) is combined with carbohydrates and nutrients to help deliver a sustained energy release.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 6-count bars (total of 18-count)
  • Sustained energy and nutrients you need for your busy life
  • Rich chewy chocolate layers outside with peanuts

Top reviews

Healthy filling snack

For years we’ve used these bars for a quick lunch while playing golf. In fact we call them golf bars. Our grandkids love them too (and ask for ‘golf bars’ all the time). They provide the most protein for the least calories of any of the other bars we have tried.
NereidaMilton, LA

Love these bars!

I absolutely love the taste and texture of these bars! They are very satisfying and fill me up when I’m feeling the need to snack on something. In fact, I don’t even need to eat an entire bar in order to satisfy my hunger or craving. I sometimes eat one in the morning for breakfast and it satisfies me throughout the morning until lunchtime. They aren’t too sweet and I feel that the protein from the peanuts helps stabilize my blood sugar. I will definitely continue buying these bars. They’ve become my favorite snack when I need a boost! The combination of crunchy and chewy texture is delicious!
EdwinaWoodland, AL