Mauna Loa Macadamias, Milk Chocolate, 6-Ounce Bags

Mauna Loa Macadamias, Milk Chocolate Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Macadamias, 6-Ounce Bag You don’t have to go to Hawaii to stock up on Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Macadamias. The rich, buttery flavor of macadamia nuts is complemented by rich milk chocolate for a sophisticated snack that is easy to love! Savory Macadamias Elevate Every Experience Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Macadamias make a crunchy sweet snack anytime, anywhere! Add a touch of sophisticated flavor to your trail mix with Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Macadamias. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts make the perfect complement to red wines and dark beers. About Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts More than 30 years ago, Mauna Loa started perfecting Hawaii’s most sought-after nut. Its first macadamia nut trees were planted in 1946 near Kea’au, Hawaii. In 1976, Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation began converting old sugar plantations to macadamia plantations. Most of those trees are still producing the premium macadamia today. Mauna Loa currently offers a delightful variety of macadamia products, from chocolate-covered nuts to Kona coffee-glazed treats. Our boxed chocolates make the perfect Hawaiian gift, while our dry-roasted baking pieces provide the complement to your favorite recipes.

Quick facts

  • Perfect for snacking!^Macadamia nuts covered in milk chocolate^Chocolate and nuts combination^A kosher snack^Includes 1 bag of Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Macadamias (6-Ounce bag)

Top reviews

A waste of the macadamias

I liked these nuts a little bit, and the quality of the nuts themselves was what I expect from Mauna Loa. Unfortunately, the chocolate made up most of the mass and volume of the candy, and was not particularly good. I found the chocolate to be particularly bland. I think next time I will try a darker chocolate coating.
AlvinFremont Center, NY

The BEST chocolates out there!!

I LOVE the Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts!! they are simply the best! I also love the Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts WITH coconut!! yum! the quality is great..they are very large and nuts always seem very fresh..and the chocolate itself is very good. These are a MUST try!!
KatheleenBronx, NY


Unfortunately, all the bags contained a melted mess so needless to say I was disappointed and won’t order them again.
NicolasWeissert, NE


Be warned though they are addictive and might make you fat!
Hide somewhere that you won’t see all the time and might help.
Only wish they weren’t quite so expensive!
TrevaAlfred Station, NY