Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee – 100pks

Maxim Korean Instant Mocha Coffee is known worldwide for its great flavor. You will not believe this is instant coffee.

Quick facts

  • Korean Coffee – Maxim Mocha Instant
  • One Of The Best Instant Coffees Worldwide
  • 100pks Just Add Hot Water and Stir

Top reviews

Best foreign coffee

I have had various coffees from around the world and this is my favorite. It has a mild, but not wimpy flavor. Our exchange student from South Korea introduced it to me and I love it.
MozellaJeffrey City, WY

Totally Yummy

I was stationed in Yongsan, South Korea for three years and spent many of days & nights in the field when it was freezing cold. I love this coffee and it is better than Starbucks and perfect amount of cream and sugar.
AntoniaLake City, TN