Maxwell House Cafe Collection House Blend Coffee T-Discs

The TASSIMO Home Brewing System by Bosch makes one perfect cup at a time with the ease of T DISC technology. T DISCs are filled with fresh coffee or espresso grounds, tea leaves or milk creamer (which the system froths for the perfect cappuccino or latte). Slip in your favorite T DISC and in just about a minute, your brewer makes coffee (iced or hot), tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, mocha, espresso or hot chocolate just to your liking.

Quick facts

  • Bursting with flavor, Maxwell House Cafe Collection House Blend can now be brewed to perfection with TASSIMO smart barcode technology
  • Relish in the lush taste of this well-balanced blend, anchored by delicious 100% Arabica beans
  • This T DISC makes an 11 fluid ounce cup of coffee
  • 32 T-Discs

Top reviews

It’s Terrible.

Do you remember what it smells like to add water to an ashtray full of cigarettes? That’s how this coffee tastes. I added a caramel, some hazelnut flavoring, a packet of hot chocolate with miniature marshmellows, and Coffeemate vanilla chai creamer too it. It still tasted bitter, like wet cigarettes and metallic. I think the metallic flavor comes from the t-disc packaging. It doesn’t make sense to buy a $100 coffee maker and drink trashy coffee. Especially when you can take that same amount of cash and buy some good coffee. I ignored the bad ratings of other reviewers because I believed the positive reviews. The only redeeming factors are that it is cheaper (less than $7 at Walmart), and that you can make a single cup of coffee. If it were allowed, I’d give it a -5 rating (or <-> -, for infinitly horrible).
VickyHighland, KS

As advertised! Good for the price.

The coffee is very good compared to Maxwell drip and reasonably good compared to other Tassimo brands. This is my standard morning coffee. No complaints for the cost!
JaRoy, WA

something is wrong!

I have purchased these T discs many times and there is something wrong with this last order. Does anyone else have the problem of the discs only making 3/4 of a cup? It’s not my machine because any other brand turns out fine. I bought another package from a retail store and the same thing is happening! For the money that these discs cost, this is unacceptable. I bought a whole case!!!
JoanLindale, TX

good product…customer service is poor

the coffee is good. but I’ve been trying to cancel the auto shipments but its impossible to find any way for customer service to help. therefore they continue sending it and I have to keep sending it back.
JaimeeHebron, CT

Update on review…

This is still good coffee but they have DOUBLED the cost. Half the price at BBB with a 20 percent coupon. Also available half what Amazon is now charging @ Target & Walmart (at least it was available there a couple month ago)
BritneyWolcott, IN

Exactly what it aims to be

For anyone who simply wants a basic, American-style cup of coffee, this is perfectly fine. No, it’s not as full-flavored or (arguably) as good as most of the higher priced Tassimo offerings, but it isn’t intended to be. This is a simple, inexpensive cup for everyday use.

That said, I knocked off a star due to Amazon’s current pricing. The unit price for the “Friday Sale” is roughly the same as the individual retail price at many stores. That’s not a deal — and certainly doesn’t represent the sort of discount one would expect to receive when buying a 5-pack.

GarretRyland, AL

Not too bad

The coffee is excellent the price great. After my K cup took a dive I gave the T-disc a try Wow. It was better than any of the K-cup brands I had. The only unfortunate draw back is you can’t seem to get the T-disc in stores. Good thing Amazon has them at a good price.
SalomeLone, KY

breakfast coffee

I enjoy this coffee. Biggest problem is that it overfills my mugs so that I have to watch it so as not to overflow. I don’t understand why some brands overflow and some do not fill the cup.
LelahCopper City, MI

Maxwell House does it right

I was surprised at the pleasant flavor of this coffee. Robust enough to satisfy, with a great smooth, full taste. One of my regular favorites for the Tassimo.
HedwigHot Springs National Park, AR

Love this coffee!

This coffee is just the right strength for me. It has no bitter aftertaste. I love it! Great price with the save & subscribe feature and it comes right to you.
LouraGarden City, IA

Good old fashioned coffee taste

When I come down the stairs in the morning, and the kids are “making coffee” I smell the great aroma of the original Maxwell House coffee that I grew up with. When I get to the kitchen, I have a great cup of coffee, with no mess and no waste. The coffee disc’s are expensive, but there is no “day old” coffee left sitting in the pot. This coffee is nothing fancy, not too strong, and taste good every time I fix a cup.
SheritaWoodbine, NJ

Tassimo T-Discs

These discs and the Tassimo coffee machine are incredibly easy to use and Amazon ships the discs in record time.
CierraWest Union, WV

Basic cup of joe

There is nothing really special about these t-discs coffee. It’s not very strong, but it does radiate a fresh roasty flavor when brewed. This is definitely the most convenient way for me to brew coffee while in the office where I don’t want to deal with the mess of coffee beans.
LakeshaMoline, KS

Great Coffee

This is a great tasting product and it is much cheaper than others. You can’t beat it in any way. I drank many other coffees including Starbucks and found this to be quite satisfactory.
ReginaBryantville, MA

This Coffee is so smooth it’s the choice at our house!

This Tassimo Maxwell coffee from the Maxwell Cafe collection
is the choice at our house no matter who is choosing! Finally
a coffee that My husband, Kids & friends love! This price can’t be Beat!
BradyConcord, TX

Great love it !!

Great cafe and a good product.. The most you can get for what you pay for love it . thx
AmparoCarbonado, WA

A good Cup of Coffee

This is great-tasting coffee. So convenient in the T-Disk format. When you want just one cup of coffee, just pop one of the T-Disks in your Tassimo and out comes a very good cup. Maxwell House should be proud.
SlyviaBronston, KY

Good basic coffee

As the title says, this is a good basic cup of coffee. We feel a little frustrated by the 6 ounce default pour – does anyone still drink coffee in these lilliputian quantities? Still, with a little time spent pressing the “give me more” button, we can get a nice full cup of medium bodied coffee. We generally alternate cups between this and Gevalia Vanilla Hazelnut on the weekends.
ChangValley Mills, TX

Medium Coffee

The brand of coffee is a nice medium brew. I don’t like coffee that is too bold or strong and this fits the bill.
TracyRiverton, UT