Maxwell House International Coffee Decaf Sugar Free French Vanilla Caf?, 4-Ounce Cans

Maxwell House International Coffee Decaf Sugar Free French Vanilla Café comes in a 4 ounce can. We use premium quality, 100 percent Arabica beans. Widely regarded as the world’s best, Arabica was first cultivated over 1000 years ago. Today, it’s grown in Brazil, Columbia and Central America, among other regions, and is renowned for smooth, less bitter tasting coffee. Maxwell House is the most global of our coffee brands, after building its status as an American favorite with good to the last drop flavor. It was created in 1892 in Nashville, Tennessee, as a special blend for the Maxwell House Hotel.

Quick facts

  • Sugar Free
  • Cafe-Style Beverage
  • Decaffeinated
  • Amplifies Cellular Essential
  • Naturally & Artificially Flavored

Top reviews

It’s too expensive!

It’s too expensive! I bought this Café French Vanilla, Sugar Free, Decaf (4-Ounce) on August 17 by Amazon and I paid $18.97 dollars for 6 packages. What happened? This item it’s not available in stores anymore and this unique option it’s too expensive. I love this coffee but I will never pay $49.95!
TheolaHobe Sound, FL


This coffee sells for 3.00 a can at Wal-Mart! This is not a deal at all. 6 cans would only cost….well you do the math. I live in in the Panhandle of NW FL, and it is still being stocked. Great coffee, in fact, I need to head over there and get me another can :o)
MarindaMoores Hill, IN

Good product; lousy system

This product was discontinued in my local market–small town, rural area–so I turned to the internet as I very often do. The coffee is great but it took 4 weeks to reach me.

This product was delivered, theoretically, by Fedex. The first attempt disappeared entirely even though Fedex claimed it had been delivered. The replacement delivery was left on a neighbor’s doorstep about a quarter of a mile from my house and was delivered by the neighbor. Clearly Fedex has a serious problem.

My second complaint is that the order was processed via Walmart, where I would not choose to shop on principle. Can I avoid this happening in future? I am not the only consumer appalled at the anti-social policies employed by Walmart. You might consider giving us a choice about where to do business.

Barbara Gallant

JimFair Oaks, CA

General Foods Coffee

The coffee arrived promptly and is exactly what we were looking for as it is no longer being carried locally.
TerranceGoose Prairie, WA

best tasting

For some reason our local stores stopped stocking this product, my wife and I love the taste. We used to provide it. Excellent TASTE!
GenevaFletcher, OH

Only opportunity to buy this product

I drink Maxwell House International Coffee Decaf Suger Free French Vanilla every morning – and I have for years. Sadly, Maxwell has discontinued it. (bad idea executives at Maxwell House) You have a lot of good customers like me who have been left in the dust by your decision. From now on I will have to try to locate your product on, if I can. Sometimes I wonder why these top CEO’s deserve the salaries they earn.
Betsy Matthes
InezBellmore, IN

Smooth and Delicious

Whether you’re wanting a warm cup of coffee in the afternoon or something smooth after supper, this is a great choice.
IkeTownsend, MA


When I am cold and cant get warm, At night I make a cup and have a cookie or 2 and by the time I am done I feel warm and snugly all over. It helps me relax and go to sleep. I find I need 3 teaspoons in a mug, with some sugar free sweetener, I add the hot water and then some sugar free creamer or milk and sometimes even a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream or cool whip. Its a party in a cup! Also Diabetics can enjoy guilt free!
ZachariahDearborn Heights, MI

The Best Treat

This has been such a joy in my life. I am a diabetic and it is so nice to have some decaf, sugar free coffee when I want it. This makes it easy for all my guests to have a choice of their regular coffee or General Food International Coffee. Love it
GayleWillow Beach, AZ

Very responsive!

I ordered more cans this time (last time only 4) and hope they will last longer. The products were delivered very promptly with no problems at all.
JaymieIron City, GA

Wonderful product! Rich and Creamy!

I love this product! Very rich and creamy! Most coffee mixes contain chocolate and caffeine, and I’m allergic, and need to avoid high-sugar products as well. When I could no longer find it in my local grocery, I panicked, but then found it on Amazon. I hope the manufacturer has the good sense to continue this excellent product and that you continue to offer it here! Thank you!
GraceNeptune, NJ

Frequent shopper on Amazon

I agree about the price for this stuff, and I will agree it’s great coffee, but the price per can is over the top.
HanaWeston, CT

Maxwell House Coffee’s

Great tasting coffee even though it is sugar free and caffiene free, which is what I need with my health problems.It was shipped very fast, no damage and fresh product.
PierreWestmoreland, TN

Decaf Sugar Free Coffee

I have had this on my wish list for a very long time and apparently it has not been available. I just assume it will never become available. It is a wonderful treat for people with problems with Caffeine, and real sugar. It’s like late night coffee, with no side effects. If it becomes available again, I would be interested.

pretty kitty

LuluOwego, NY

Maxwell House International Coffee Decaf Sugar Free French Vanilla Cafe,

This is the best tasting coffee for people with mulitable medical conditions and still want a mouring cup of coffee.
WilbertMarion, IL

buy it at almost double the price here.

the maxwell house international cost more here . I can buy it at the store for almost half were is there a savings here ?
AdellSuburb Maryland Fac, MD

Good Product

Good product, arrived promptly. A bit pricey compared to Target price, but similar in price to grocery store. Convenience and volume is nice.
GiovannaWrens, GA