Maynards Wines Gums

Chewy fruit flavoured gums

Quick facts

  • Imported candy
  • Bulk Value Pack
  • British imported product
  • Traditional British Candy

Top reviews

Lovin Amazon!

This is my favorite candy that arrived fresh and the delivery was perfect as always. I only wish other manufacturing companies would maintain their level of quality.
JeffreyStaffordsville, KY

Yea for Wine Gums

I fell in love with this candy while I was deployed. They are so addictive. You talk about a sweet tooth to the fourth power, a whole bag is gone in a blink of an eye. I’m so excited that I can’t wait to receive the order. People look at me crazy when I ask for them. These are Adult Gummy Bears! Yumm!!
CatherinMaylene, AL

Maynards Gums

I wish these were available locally but having them shipped via Royal Mail was a good alternative. Brought back memories of when I spent 3 months in London.
IraidaGordon, WV