mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, 10-Count


Quick facts

  • Turns sour foods to sweet!
  • Perfect for “flavor tripping” parties.
  • 10 tablets per packet
  • As seen on ABC News, CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, & The New York Times

Top reviews

Miracle berries aside, these tablets are WEAK!

I decided to buy a packet of these to try because they are way easier to get than the actual berries, and a bit cheaper too. So mistakenly, I ordered the double pack, 2 packages for 30 bucks. TOTAL waste of money. Ive tried real berries once about 4 years ago, and they were pretty good. Granted, this isn’t going to change your entire life perspective on food or anything, but some stuff does noticeably change, like lemons, grapefruit, beer, vinegar, etc…

Now skip ahead to last week. We got the packages of MBerry’s, and they came decently quick (I think it took like 8 days?), so no complaints there. I opened the one package, and decided read the product description and such to make sure we did the tablets right. The sellers/manufacturers recommend eating a 1/2 to 1 tablet, and mention that you can eat a 1/2 and get the same effects for less time. BULL! We all took one tab, let it fully dissolve on our tongues, being pretty particular about letting them sit and the saliva being swooshed around..you know the whole 9 yards to make sure we got max bang for our buck. THEY SUCKED. After about 15 mins we started trying foods, and even the things like lemons, grapefruit, etc.. that work with normal berries felt like they were working at HALF strength! I could definitely tell the lemons were a little sweet, but they were also still tart! And this wasn’t just me, similar if not worse effects reported by 5 other people!!!

Overall, I was really disappointed with these tablets. Total waste of money, especially now that im stuck with an extra box as well. Do yourself a favor and either A) Try another brand, or B) Get the read deal. Hopefully Ill be able to sell my unopened package on ebay or craigslist….or to any of you! So if your really set on a package, email me ill sell it to you for less than listed for sure! =)

Hopefully someone benefits from knowing ahead of time, because i was also under false impression from the amount of glowing reviews, which all turned out to be PHONY. WATCH OUT AND SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR SOMETHING THAT WORKS!!!

TommySabana Grande, PR

not helpful for weightloss

I bought this because Dr. Oz said that it could help people eat more fruits and veggies, which I hate. Unless you douse it with vinegar or lemon juice, it does not make them more tolerable. If you do not like red peppers to begin with sucking on these little pills will not help. Sure it may taste like a cross between a pepper and a sweet tart, but who wants to eat that. Save you money, buy a bag of sweet tarts and chew them along with your red pepper, you will have the same thing at a far cheaper price.

This product is good for teenagers who want to do those tasting parties with their friends.

LinoDeweese, NE

Does work, leaves hole in pocket

I hosted a Flavor Tripping party at my university with about 60 people using these tablets. Needless to say, the tablets are quite a bit more sketch than offering berries, but considerably easier to obtain. The taste of the tablet isn’t great, but isn’t so bad anyone spit it out. After dissolving, I had a variety of foods for tasting available… about 95% of those who tried it seemed to enjoy it and have a noticeable difference with their taste buds. Some foods that worked well from my experience:

– Grapefruit (this was by far the most impressive)
– Lemons
– Limes
– Apple Cider (nearly became too sweet to drink)
– Orange Juice (tasted particularly good)
– Vinegar (might give you a stomach ache, but hammers home the idea of how warped your tastes are)

Many other foods had little or no effect (as expected): pretzels, chocolate, monster energy drink, peanuts, mints, etc. One or two were uncomfortable with what the tablets did to their taste buds and refused to sample anything more. Was not a big deal as it wears off in 15-30 minutes.

Final verdict: A very fun one time treat, but far too expensive to use for anything other than parties. Amazon will get these tablets to you quickly, but if you have time before your event I would try to obtain some actual berries to avoid the sketchy factor.

LuciPagosa Springs, CO

What a waste of time.

I purchased the 2 pack, so I could gift one set. I decided to buy lemons, oranges, grapefruit, apples and pineapple. I sat the tablet on my tongue and let it dissolve completely, moving it around on the surface area to “coat” all of the taste buds. Well, there was no effect when I ate any of the fruits I bought. I followed the directions, and used foods recommended. So, I am just disappointed that this didn’t work.
ChandraLockwood, CA

Waste of Money!

This product didn’t change the taste of any foods. I tried lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, pineapple, cheese, everything tasted as it should. Maybe the actual Miracle Fruit works, but these tablets don’t. So don’t waste your money on this product!
LazaroMonroe, WI

Great fun!

We tried this with grapefruit, lemons, limes, and sour candy. We will definitely be trying this again with more of the food that is listed in the description. Everyone seems to have their own reaction to miracle fruit, varying sensitivity but most people had a very positive experience after taking a whole tab, not just half. When you let it dissolve on your tongue it’s a bit gross as it is mostly corn starch, but that passes quickly. We will definitely be buying this product more and having more “flavor tripping” parties, and I would recommend that anyone tries it at least once.
JohnMeadville, PA

Tablets suck – look for pure miraculin

Like others, I found the effect really weak with these, even with two tablets per person. It was the same for everyone who tried them. I’ve used both the real fruit and the pure miraculin granules from the UK – both work much better. The fruit is great but expensive so you’re probably best off trying miraculin rather than miracle fruit tablets.
KendalCardwell, MO


People differ greatly when using this product. It has indeed changed flavor drastically for many people, and left others feeling less than enthused. I did notice changes (lemons tasted like candy and I could eat Strawberries, which I can never do because I find them too tart), but it wasn’t overwhelming and most things still tasted exactly the same. My friend and I tried first with one, followed 5 minutes by a second. 2 hours later we did three at once and drank. The alcohol still taste the same, which was surprising given the number we had consumed. All in all, a fun product to definitely try but don’t get your hopes up – you could be one of those people who is not affected by it at all.
ElroySteele City, NE

Never showed up!

Love mberry, and while I have tried these before and they were fabulous, I did not receive my order this time! Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I don’t know where the fault lies, but if this has happened before, it is likely the seller.
LatrishaKinder, LA

Interesting…but pricey

I brought these tablets to my Adv. Physiology class to try out. We all thought they were interesting but not worth the money. Everything tasted like it was covered in Sweet n Low but not in a yummy way just masked.
LoreleiBelle Valley, OH

Sweet but sometimes a little sour

I was suprised to see how it changed things from sour to sweet. If you’re looking for something fun to do at your next party or even just at work, give this a try, it’s amazing! We ordered the miracle berry tablets, after hearing about them on an early day gossip, for our birthday party. They were a big hit and it does exactly what they say they do!
MilissaTowson, MD

Miracle Berry

I had a very interesting experience with this product. And all of the claims are pretty true. But i will advise that the more liquids you try, the faster they wear off. My expirements with these tablets lasted about two hours. My group tried full tabs and i think that was a mistake; i would recomend a half. These tantalizing taste changers only work on sour things. P. S. -try some ice cold lemon juice, it tastes delicious.
TondaValley Forge, PA

crazy trip for your taste buds

bought these after seeing the berry on future foods, and wanted to try it for myself works great blows your mind how it is able to make things taste
FatimaFort Defiance, AZ

i <3 mberry!

Product shipped quickly and was everything I hoped for and more. If you’ve never flavor tripped before, I suggest you start now… and that you invite your friends and family to join you.

Grapefruits and strawberries become ambrosia and limes freak out your mind!

We think the schnozberries really taste like schnozberries too…

AlyciaFairchild Air Force Base, WA

Really fun.

So far only 3 of us tried these. They did not work for one person, but I thought they were fantastic. The change in flavor may be more subtle than you expect, but lemons will honestly taste like lemonade! Someone else mentioned this in their review, but try tasting just a little bit of vinegar to see just how out of whack your sense of taste becomes while under the influence of these berries.
PeterFriend, NE

Good Product Good Bargain

If you plan on eating things good for you but not so tolerable on your tongue, this is the product for you. I can eat things I hate and things I just can’t tolerate as though they were a glass of water or my favorite food when I pop an MBerry tablet in my mouth. Give it a minute and then eat. Whether it’s something bitter to most like a lemon, or things I personally hate like eggplant or kiwi, this will do the trick for you.

So, if your doctor recommends you eat something you do not like or tells you to reduce your sugar intake or eliminate it altogether; Drink your tea sugar free and eat those rice cakes (or whatever advised) and do it with ease if you bother to take one of these. I plan on buying more, and making them a part of my dietary routine.

I purchased the 2 pack because you get more product for less money overall, and it was more than worth the buy.

DonnetteMontour Falls, NY


I bought these as a Christmas present for a friend. We dipped LIME wedges in SOUR CREAM and it tasted like lime candy with cream cheese!
LasonyaLydia, LA


Well, I let the tablet dissolve on my tongue, while it was dissolving I was very excited because it tasted sweet, and then I tried cheese, a lemon, a pickle, a cracker and finally an orange. The orange was the only thing that was sweet, but not any sweeter than usual…so I am not sure what went wrong but I am very disappointed, especially since I bought 2 packs. Hopefully at least one tablet will work.
JeroldTwo Rivers, AK

Miracle Fruit Tablets

Two weeks ago, I ordered the Miracle fruit Tablets because I seen them on Dr. Oz show and I just had to order them to see if they really work. Yes, they do. I was suprised to eat a lemon without any bitterness. The lemon was so sweet and last week I ordered two more packets. Thank You
MelinaMc Kenzie, AL

The Miracle Berry

I have to admit I was a skeptic. I have been to culinary school, tasted the finest foods and wines, and I can honestly say that I never had an experience like this. The product was mind blowing, and a ton of fun to “Flavor Trip” with a group of friends and loved ones. Always enjoyed the look’s on their faces for the first time. It is well packaged, stores for up to 2 years, and contains only Miracle Berry Extract, and Corn Starch. Good in my book, and will definitely buy again.
NichelleCologne, NJ

Fun party game

It’s great for a party game… take these and taste things! They work as well as the kind I tried from ThinkGeek.
JuanitaBrightwood, VA

These really worked for me!

I purchased these with a bit of apprehension, but they work amazingly well! I dissolved one on my tongue and tried a lemon, and it was sooooo sweet! I ate it like a sweet orange, and I wanted more but I didn’t want to get sick from the acid. I also tried smoked turkey, which was amazing and tasted like honey, cheese (not much difference but still tasted marginally better), hot sauce (sweet), and sweet drink, which was crazy sweet! These things work perfectly! They really are a miracle berry!
TheaThomaston, CT


Three family members tried the tablets with lemons, limes, pickle juice, etc. You could pick up a lemon and eat it like you were eatting an orange. It was definitely sweet, yet not sweet like drinking lemonade. You have to try them to see what it’s like!
VivienTrinity, NC

Fun for a party

This is so much fun to use. Please just taste small amounts of the sour bitter stuff or you will tear up your stomach. I read the reviews by people who over indulged and took the warnings seriously. Imagine eating grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime skin with no bitterness. You can drink vinegar. Amazing.
ShayneClarksville, PA

Great for those avoiding sugars

I first had these at a party…I was (am) doing South Beach and am in a still restrictive stage, though not a solid stage one and really thought this could make a difference after trying it with a lemon (that became lemonade) and a blander grape tomato (which became a sungold) and some goat cheese, that just got sweeter.

My plan was to have a grapefruit and plain yogurt be a sweet treat and it totally worked, even the plain yogurt is sweeter. Gin, lime and soda water tastes like it’s sweetened (not as much as say, Sprite). Same with unsweetened flavored seltzers. It’s pretty amazing with the foods it works with. They are expensive, but it’s doing wonders to keep me on track. And since they don’t last very long with items as creamy as the yogurt I can’t really overdo it, which is a total bonus. It also takes the bitterness out of teas and coffee. Dark stout beers get really sweet. Be careful. They’re not all good, as in an all-the-time-thing, but it certainly is fun.

RayeAustwell, TX

Perfect for a party

Throw a flavor tripping party and use these as your entertainment. Everyone will think you’re very cool.
LesleyBreckenridge, CO

The Incredible Miracle Berry Experience

I tried these tablets with a friend and we were both amazed. Lemons indeed tasted like lemonade and raw apple cider vinegar tasted heavenly. All you do is, for 2 to 3 minutes, let a tablet dissolve on your tongue and the effect is supposed to last at least 30 minutes.
I think anyone would be amazed by these tablets. Highly recommended.
NatashiaLudlow, VT

pretty cool

I originally saw these Miracle Berries on the Science Channel and thought they looked so cool. So I found these online and ordered them – and 20 tablets for $20 is a pretty good deal. They are supposed to make everything a little sweeter. I tried pickles, lemon juice, grapes and any other random food in my house. Over all, it was kind of anti-climatic. It’s not all that exciting. And the tablet itself doesn’t taste all that good. But I guess this berry would be good for people who love sugar but are trying to stay away from it.
You can go and buy it, it’s worth a try. It’s just not exciting as you think it will be.
HelgaYoungstown, PA

Miracle Berry tablets

We ordered the miracle berry tablets, after hearing about them on an early morning news show, for our halloween party. They were a big hit and it does exactly what they say they do! We couldn’t believe how it changed things from sour to sweet. If you’re looking for something fun to do at your next party or even bible study group, give this a try, it’s amazing!
GabrieleRice Lake, WI

Excellent quality!

I used these tablets during a demonstration for a talk I gave about taste to a group of student chefs. Needless to say they were amazed and pleased with the effects. The tablets were easy to distribute and very effective in turning lemons into candy! thanks!
PorscheMetamora, IL