mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, 10-Count

Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets are the taste sensation that is sweeping the nation. Mberry tablets transform ordinary foods into something extraordinary. What is miracle berry? The Miracle Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a fruit native to West Africa. It is also known as Miracle Fruit or Miraculous Fruit. The berry is approximately the size of a cranberry and it contains the glycoprotein, Miraculin, which modifies taste perception. Once Miraculin binds to the taste buds, lemons will taste like lemonade and beer like chocolate thanks to the temporary altered state of the taste receptors on your tongue. Mberry can be enjoyed with friends and family. Make your own “flavor tripping” parties. Miracle berry can be helpful to people who want to limit their sugar intake and enhance their lifestyles by eating a healthier diet. Mberry tablets consist of only miracle berry powder and high quality cornstarch in approximately equal quantities. Here are some suggestions of foods to eat with mberry: Lemons and Limes, Oranges, Tomatoes, Cranberries, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Pineapple, Granny Smith Apples, Strawberries, Pomegranate, Raspberries, Grapes, Watermelon, Blackberries, Rhubarb, Mustard, Ketchup, Salt & Vinegar chips, Pickles, Sour Cream, Tabasco, Balsamic vinegar, BBQ sauce, Guinness, Tequila, Goat and Bleu Cheese Funkyfoodshop works directly with Mberry. Beware of imitators! You will get the freshest product from Funkyfoodshop and that is our guarantee.

Quick facts

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  • Turns sour foods to sweet!
  • Perfect for “flavor tripping” parties.
  • 10 tablets per packet
  • As seen on ABC News, CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, and The New York Times.
  • The taste sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

Top reviews

Didn’t work for me.

It didn’t work for me. Maybe its because I couldn’t get past letting the whole tablet dissolve because to me the tablet tasted like vomit.
DeonJunction City, OR

Did next to nothing like it says it will…..

I dissolved an entire tab in my mouth and then ate bitter greens and it did nothing. I added some vinegar to the greens and it did make it a tad sweeter, but it didnt make them taste good…..It makes really sour things slightly sweeter….but NO MIRACLE.
ShastaIndependence, KS


Well I bought these to have a “Food Tripping Party” with my wife. I had a spread before us of lemons, limes, strawberries, blackberries, oranges, and grapefruit. We both started with half a pill each as per the reviews here. I then took a bite of a lemon. I guess is was sweeter but not by much, though I was able to eat it. It was like a sweet + tart food which I guess is because of the acid in the fruit. I then ate another half of pill because the instructions that came with the pills stated to take a full one. I tried again. It made the lemons bearable but not super sweet. You would not be able to eat an entire be happy. I went onto the other fruits and the same thing. You could still taste the tart with a sweet aftertaste. My wife said this, “Well it makes it so you can eat lemons, but who wants to sit around eating lemons all day?” I’m disappointed BUT the price was cheap enough and it was a fun thing to do with my wife. I’ll pawn these off on friends and see what they say. To all the people who threw parties and raved and raved about how everyone loved them, my guess is that they didn’t want you to feel bad.
CandraCheshire, CT

Notification of Cancelled order 2 weeks after order was placed

I was excited about these and had organized a whole event for my fiancee’s birthday around these tablets.
Placed an order well in advance, namely 3 weeks in advance.

After two weeks of waiting, I received a notification that my order was being cancelled for some mysterious as yet to be determined problem. The email attempted to spread the blame between Amazon, its supplier and some mysterious unknown factor, ultimately taking no real responsibility for the blunder.

Color me frustrated and confused because while they said they are stopping all orders for the time being, their company website still shows the product in stock and ready for orders.

This to say the least was very disappointing and more so because the company’s response was very wishy washy and lame. In my experience, when a company screws up (mind you it wasn’t just my order, it was a whole slew of orders that got cancelled)
they should own up and take responsibility thereby showing some integrity, rather than mutter some indecipherable mumbo jumbo that does nothing to explain nor solve the customers problem.

TerryGriffin, GA

Did NOT work for me at all!

I bought my mberry pack from mberry.us online hoping to use it to curb my sweet tooth. I followed the directions to the letter, allowing the tablet to dissolve completely on my tongue. I then tried balsalmic vinegar – nothing happened to the taste at all except that my tongue burned a little. So I tried hot sauce – nothing happened again except that my tongue burned a lot. Then I tried regular vinegar – nothing happened again. I even tried taking a second tablet, but it still did nothing but slightly burn my tongue. HUGE waste of money. Super disappointing. DOES NOT WORK!
MelissiaDelmita, TX

Pass on the HYPE…Save Yourself Some Bank!

Not much to say, other than the product solicitation is all hype! I carefully followed the directions on the packaging of the “mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets” and the results were about as miraculous as one of those potato chips baring the face of Mary Magdelene! Sorry “Believers of Miracles”… this is one that won’t make “The Tonight Show”!
BrendonCumbola, PA

1 Pill = Basically 1/2 a Flintstone Vitamin

I’m jealous of whoever thought of this, but the actual product turns out to be pretty unimpressive. It turns out, if you eat half a fruit roll-up, then eat asparagus, the aspragus tastes differently than you might expect. There. That’s all you need to know. DON’T buy this product, just buy some Gushers next time you’re at Wal-Mart. 2 star review because I like Gushers.
RalphKanab, UT

Miracle actual fruits wayy better

These tablets hardly work in comparison with the actual berries. If you want flavor tripping then buy a box of the Synsepalum dulcificum berries or grow your own plant instead of wasting money on the pill/tablets. In my opinion.
ChristianeTuscumbia, AL

Doesn’t work for me

Dissolved an entire tab on my tongue and was disappointed to discover that it had no effect on ANY of the foods that I tried.
AyeshaManhasset, NY

Placebo tablets, I think

I and a friend tried these tablets before sampling various kinds of foods we’d seen suggested online, but noticed no effects whatever. We used them as suggested, then even tried multiple tablets at once. Maybe I got a bad batch or maybe we have unusual taste buds, but in any case it was very disappointing. Makes me think I should have tried the berries themselves instead.
AlexaPetros, TN

No effect on anyone in our family

I was quite excited to try this product, so I bought 4 packs. We opened one, and I tested a half-tablet. No result. My wife tried the other half. Ditto. The next day, we tried a full tablet, letting it completely dissolve over the entire tongue. I found the tablets pretty tasty themselves, while my wife found them too chalky to enjoy. Anyway, again there was no effect with lemons, chili sauce, etc. Our daughter also had no discernible change in her taste of foods.

Happily for me, the company is going to refund me for the other three packages. But I would have preferred that they’d worked. I was looking forward to bringing them out at an upcoming party.

RodolfoTobyhanna, PA

Mberry didn’t work for me 🙁

I guess everyone’s taste buds are different. This product didn’t work for me. Every food item tasted as it should 🙁
IraRosanky, TX

Didn’t taste good for me.

After taking a tab, I was able to eat a hot pepper, but it didn’t really taste sweet or good at all, just not very hot. Then I tried some cayenne pepper, which remained hot with no alteration in taste.This is a nice idea, but didn’t work for me.
LindsyTarlton, OH

Does nothing

After reading several glowing reviews about this product, I decided to buy it and see for myself how great it is.

After following the instructions, I taste tested a variety of items, that were suggested on the packaging. None of which seemed to have any affect. On lemons, I noticed a slight taste change, however the lemon was no sweeter.

Bottom line; the product is over-hyped, and in my opinion, is not worth the buying. I know it’s definitely not something I will ever purchase again.

FrancesLyons, OR

Neat, but not “wowwie!”

After reading reviews and testing these out with friends, I can say this: Everyone’s tastes (and tastebuds) are different. What is not sweet to one person is super sweet to another. So be ye warned, results for these may vary.

I found that the tablets didn’t make things “sweet” as much it cut down on the sourness, almost like a numbing effect. Ever put sugar on a lemon slice and bit into it? The sour kick is still there, just canceled out. I’m certainly not going to be eating them like candy as some reviews suggest.

Tried out a few beer types, with mixed results: Beers that are fruity/citrus ended up gross, as it would taste like I mixed in a mouthful of juice with the beer. Dark beers like an Irish Red were my favorite.

I really recommend going out to eat so you can try a variety of things. Certain foods will take you for surprise (ranch dressing, for example, was notably different and very good).

VilmaDyersville, IA

I know what your thinking and yes it works for that too

Basically these tables change the way you taste acidic things, they will instead taste sweet. Lemons taste like a strong lemonade. Some of you might be thinking, well that’s fun and all but how would my lover taste? well, kind of sweet(men and women). Give it a try you’ll see. My only complaint is that they made them look so much like a drug that I had to convince some of my more prudish friends that it was just ground fruit.
KamLeopold, MO

Not Impressed

My husband and I were excited to try them. We bought pineapple, beer, lemon, lime, hot peppers, cheese and wine. The only thing we noticed any difference in was the lemon and lime. The lemon was pretty easy to eat because it added some sweetness – it remained quite sour though. We each let one tablet dissolve on our tongue as directed so not sure what the problem was.
BerylStratford, TX


Wow, I DID NOT EXPECT such a quick, shocking result from this product, but it definitely delivers!!! My brother told me about these tablets and the “flavor tripping” parties. I had never heard of them before, but decided to give it a try just because the claim sounded so wildly strange, a sort of “Ripley’s Believe it or not” kind of novelty.
Anyway, the tablets WORK immediately. I just took one, had a lemon, and voila’: it’s SWEET! I also tried a sip of Chianti wine.. SWEET…. I poured a spoonful of white vinegar in a small glass of water… SWEET… I haven’t tried beer or other things, but sooner or later I will!
The best thing I see coming out of this is that I FINALLY don’t need to sweeten my tea! I’ll just squeeze a lemon in and that will be that.
Hmmm… perhaps I can add lemon juice to soda water and it can turn into a new diet soft-drink!! The possibilities are endless!
LaunaOakes, ND

It works, but watch out!

This is a neat product, and it does what it says it does. However, if you decide to have a party where you invite guests to partake of handfuls of raw cranberries, lemons juice, tabasco sauce, beer, mustard, and a variety of other items which are sour, the miracle berry can do nothing at all to augment the considerable effect this will have on their bowels.
RebbecaSorento, IL

It works as stated.

I tried two lemons after dissolving two tablets in my mouth. It tasted just like lemonade. One thing. The package recommends 1 tablet. That didn’t work for me. If you are a tad overweight two is better.
MayeAurora, OH

Nothing Miraculous Here

StumbleUpon users, be wary. I was browsing when I stumbled upon an article about miracle berries- a cool new fad that apparently causes things to taste different than they normally would. Naturally, I tried to see where I could get my hands on some.

Once I found the mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, I did some research. I always look at a lot of reviews and alternatives before buying anything on Amazon. The price was relatively cheap, I figured, if it worked as advertised. The aggressive claims on the product’s page and the Amazon user reviews also furthered my need to investigate this mystery product, so I bought two packs- one for me and one for my friend.

After both of us trying the Miracle Berry tablets, I’d have to say that the product is extremely overhyped, and the experience was, unfortunately, lacking.

The way mberry talks about their tablets, you’d expect to have a Willy Wonka-esque food tasting bonanza. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and though the tablets do change the flavors of many foods to a degree, it’s much more subtle than you’d probably like- no Snozzberries here. I found this to be the case for me, and I was hoping maybe my taste buds were maybe just a bit more dull, but my friend reported the same experience.

I’m giving the product 2 stars, not because I hated the product, but because I was very let down with the experience and taking that fact into consideration, I don’t think it’s worth the money.

EmoryNoble, OK

These DO work and ARE cool. But… $18???

Not worth the cost.

I have only had these as free samples.

I would pay $5 for a pack of 10. I may even be willing to pay $10.00 for a pack of 10.
Anything more than $10 is total robbery.

So, obviously, $17.99 is WAY too much.

This product is SUPER cool, and I LOVED how it worked.

But, really? $18.00?

Mberry should Market their product as a food enhancer, not as a “Flavor tripping experience”.

If Mberry does that, and prices their products reasonably, it WILL gain customers.

Keeping there product around as a “Flavor tripping experience” will surely make it a passing fad.

CarmelaWilkesville, OH

Works – Sort of

I bought these tablets to try during lunch at work. Four of us each tried one tablet, tasted various foods, and noticed no difference. At that point, I gave up, but two intrepid friends went on to try four tablets each. They reported strange flavors in some of the foods they tried, but many items remained unaffected. Among those that were was a fruit punch Powerade reported to taste so sweet as to be very repulsive (like drinking pure sugar), and a cashew which apparently tasted like heaven. Most other affected foods were impacted negatively.

In all, we were unimpressed with these tablets. While they did accomplish their flavor-changing purpose, it took a lot of tablets before any change was noticeable. And the experience, though fun, was rather pricey considering how many tablets were required. I was really hoping for a bigger impact.

RhebaHartwell, GA

The effect is barely perceptible and definitely not worth trying more than once

My girlfriend loves grapefruit, but I absolutely hate the stuff. For her, it starts and ends very sweet, for me (and most people in the world) it starts sweet and ends bitter. After we tried the Miracle Berry Fruit Tabletstablet, there was a small difference for both of us. For me, the bitterness subsided a small amount– not even enough to worth mentioning. For her, the grapefruit tasted like one of the “sweetest” ones she’d ever had.

However, the real treat for both of us came with the lemons and limes. Both of which tasted noticeably better. However, the effect of a single tablet wore off completely within 5 minutes. To be honest, I hoped each tablet would last closer to an hour, but as is, you’re paying quite a bit per minute for these things (we paid ~$20 for ten tablets w/ shipping).

Would I try it again? After the tablets we have left are finished, I think not. I already enjoy gala apples, bananas, watermelon, oranges, and strawberries without this tablet– I can live a perfectly happy life without ever eating grapefruit, lemons or limes DIRECTLY (lemon and lime are fine in foods).

If you’re dead-set on trying these tablets, try it with some of your friends, but don’t expect too much.

FidelClovis, CA

it works… sorta

I do reccomend this product, as it is effective and very fun to try. Here are the setbacks: It only lasts around 30 minutes, not 2 hours. I bought these in lieu of the actual berries ($90 vs. $10) so they weren’t as potent as I had read about/expected. Nonetheless, they do work! Lemons and limes were delicious!
Oh, be sure to move the tablet over the ENTIRE surface of your tounge in order to cover ALL of your taste buds.
MaryaliceCenterview, MO


After dissolving one tab on my tongue, I ate 1/4 of a large lime, and it tasted mostly sweet with just a hint of tartness! I would have eaten the whole lime but was worried all that acid might upset my stomach. I didn’t notice any difference when I ate parsley, though–the parsley still tasted somewhat bitter to me. Miracle Berry worked extremely well for me with sour stuff, but not at all as far as I could tell with bitter stuff.

Still, well worth the price to experience this amazing transformation in taste.

Edit: I had a craving for blackberries and bought a large container of them from a warehouse-type store. I planned on eating them all at one sitting, but after one or two I couldn’t eat them–they were mostly sour and hardly any sweet. I remembered that I had some of these tablets left, so I rolled one around on my tongue until it dissolved, and thereafter the blackberries tasted pleasantly sweet, so I was able to finish them all.

KrystalDemarest, NJ

They Actually Work!!!

At first i did not think they would work, but i bought them after reading the scientific view of them and then decided to buy them just to see. After i got them i had to try something sour just to see, so i took a half tablet and put some lemon juice on my tung. Amazingly they worked!!! This is an awesome product for anyone who likes wired things or just has a liking of chemistry. 🙂
GudrunElizabeth, MN

Miracle Fruit Tablets

I seen this product on Dr. Oz and I just had to try this out to see if it works. Yes, it works and I can eat and drink lemon juice three times a day.
It is a miracle pill. 🙂
OmaNarka, KS


I’ve tried this with multiple foods, at different times, and with anywhere between one and three tablets, all held on different areas of the tongue. While I could swear there were minor changes at low quantities, this didn’t change no matter how many were tried. I’m sure that the Miracle Berries are authentic, but my friend and I didn’t experience anything as incredible as people say, or even anything noteworthy. I would go for the actual fruit next time.
JanayMarenisco, MI


It works. i took one, 2 minutes later i was trying different things in my mouth. Last thing im trying right now is beer and it taste different and sweat. if your into trying new things give these a try. i read that it wont work on some people but well chalk this as a did work for me review.
NoemiWhite City, OR