McCormick Dark Chili Powder, 20-Ounce

Use Chili Powder in Mexican style dishes. Season chicken wings, hamburgers, beef and chicken stews with chili powder. Toss chili powder with shredded cheddar cheese and melt with tortilla chips to make nachos. Mix chili powder with pinto beans, bean dip, tamale pie and enchiladas.

Quick facts

  • Great for seasoning many of your favorite recipes
  • Buy in this bulk container for better value

Top reviews

Chili to last a while

Most recipes I’ve been using lately request half a cup, a quarter cup, etc of chili powder! So my little store-bought bottles are pretty much useless. Go for the big bottle, and cook away!
LekishaQuebradillas, PR

Pleasant All Round Flavor – Good Value

I love chili dishes of all kinds. This chili powder has a nice rounded flavor. It tastes quite mild to me. It makes a great base for a milder chili dish. But if a person wants more heat, that can be achieved with additional chipotles, cumin, cayenne or a variety of fresh peppers for additional heat and character. It’s all up to the cook how the dish ends up.
Whether you prefer mild chili dishes (or like me) plenty of heat, this is a great spice base and the large jar is an excellent value. If you like heat, keep cans of chipotle peppers or chiplotle powder for ‘customizing”.
I will definitely purchase again.
YulandaRumford Center, ME