McCormick Gourmet Collection Chili Powder 20 Oz

20 Oz McCormick Gourmet Collection Chili Powder

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  • Chili Pepper, Salt, Garlic & Spices

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McCormick Gormet Collection Chili Powder

A great product. Past experience has shown good results. Am very pleased with purchase. Will reorder again from same source.
ForrestPungoteague, VA

Good Chili powder, good price

This is the same chili powder you get at the local market, but at a MUCH lower price per ounce by buying it through Amazon and in bulk. We’ve used it for years to make great chili. As I was making chili Friday night to have ready for football games this weekend, my wife tasted it and complimented my seasoning. I had to admit to her that the only secret in seasoning chili is to put enough chili powder in it so that it tastes like chili. LOL That’s not completely true, a lot of other things add to the taste, but that is indeed the #1 requirement.

I’ll just use this large container to refill my smaller “shaker spice bottle” when its empty. We should have our chili powder requirements met for the next few years now.

GeneviveRye, CO

Perfect Spice

A+ spice- exactly what I would expect to find a grocery store- except my grocery store doesn’t stock this size.
YolandaNeptune, NJ