McCormick Ground Nutmeg Seasoning, 16-Ounce

McCormick Ground Nutmeg has a distinctive flavor that is perfect for your family’s favorite desserts or savory side dishes. Add delectable flavor to seasonal favorites like gingerbread and eggnog or sprinkle into scalloped potatoes or creamed spinach to turn every day sides into the main event! Made with premium quality ingredients, you can count on superior taste friends and family will love.

Quick facts

  • Premium quality, pure ground nutmeg offers superior flavor
  • Fresh flavor guarantee delivers optimum taste
  • Packaged in the USA
  • Adds sweet flavor to desserts and side dishes
  • Kosher

Top reviews

Didn’t realize know how much Nutmeg cost….

Recently started using more Netmeg in our family cooking. Didn’t realize how much nutmeg actually cost in the local stores. I’ve also heard that Amazon was more expensive on grocery type items so I didn’t Immediately consider Amazon for this purchase. However, I paid the same amount in the store for 4 ounces of Netmeg, that I paid for this 16 ounce from Amazon. McCormick is a good brand name spice, good taste and quality. Very happy with the price and size of my purchase….overall, a good value if you use it a lot.
MayraOakhurst, OK