MCGC Can Cat Seafood Tomato 24- 3 oz cans

Delicious gourmet flavors packed with nutrition to keep your adult cat healthy and active. Gourmet Classics are hearty and satisfying meals made with the real meat your cat craves.

Quick facts

  • Nutrition with taste cats love
  • Made with real meat
  • Complete and balanced for a healthy immune system

Top reviews

cat loves this

My cat will lick the bowl clean in one sitting. She only does that with this and the chicken & lamb flavor (I think that’s what its called). I recommend however going to your local pet supply store & picking up several different flavors. You can get it by the can for around .60 cents, that way you can figure out what they like. Your cat will get a finky palete tho, so I recommend mixing half a can in with cheaper cat food, if that is what you plan on feeding your cat. After a while of the good stuff they refuse to go back to “grocery store” brands.
LeoGrand Forks, ND

My (Picky) Cat Devours This

A quick review because I have not tasted this myself. But I CAN tell you that my cat who is now 16 1/2 and very picky DEVOURS this flavor. When she eats it she has great energy, her coat is nicer. I server her and her 9 month old boy cat companion (who eats almost anything) a variety of dry and wet food. But she will finish this down to the very last piece and wipe the bowl clean. I don’t give it to her every night but give it to her often. When her 14 1/2 year old companion boy cat died last year she lost a lot of weight due to grief. I kept putting this out and a few other nutro brands and she gained her weight back. This has been the single most reliable flavor (and brand) of catfood on the fussy eater. And I have half jokingly said she has lived as long as she had due to Seafood & Tomato Bisque.
ViolaSwiss, WV