McSteven’s Orange Hot Chocolate, 10-Ounce Cauldrons

Boo! It’s McSteven’s Orange Hot Chocolate! Watch it magically turn orange as you add water! This delicious mix comes in a 10-ounce spooky cauldron.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 10-ounce (total of 30-ounce)
  • Just add Hot water
  • Cholesterol free

Top reviews

Neither Orange nor chocolate flavor

We bought this from a candy shop a couple of years ago. Make no mistake – this is not chocolate and it has no chocolate flavor. The orange in its name refers to the color it changes – not to its flavor.

The directions call for you to mix the powder with hot water. If you do this it will taste terrible. It becomes only mildly acceptable (to some) when mixed with hot milk rather than water.

Its only real use is that the empty cauldron can be used for a decoration around Halloween.

DwainSassamansville, PA

Not chocolate!

I totally agree with the other reviewer. I bought this (although I bought it with a Harry & David label on it so it was probably more expensive!) and no one in my family liked it. It is not hot chocolate – more like what they call “white chocolate”. I thought it would be a chocolately orange flavor, yum. Neither chocolate nor orange flavor. Only the color is orange. A big disappointment, I ended up throwing it out. The cauldron is cute, but the words around the edge don’t come off so it’s not really reusable.
EstrellaRapid City, SD


Well I wish I had seen the two reviews above before buying this! It did turn orange, but it certainly was not chocolate. It tasted like a overly sweet and yet bland orange cream. Wreaked havok on my innards! Very glad we did not serve it at our Halloween party as planned.
JohnnaMiles City, MT


If you are like me and just like the cauldron you can pick it up at Walgreens for just a little above four dollars.They have the coffins as well.
DanielaWest Helena, AR