McSteven’s Raggedy Ann & Andy Pink Hot Chocolate, 8-Ounce Tins

Mcsteven’s Hot Chocolate Mix .Raggedy Ann & Andy pink hot Chocolate Mix

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  • Mcsteven’s Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Raggedy Ann & Andy pink Hot Chocolate Mix

Top reviews

Hot “Chocolate”?

This item, though a cute idea, really doesn’t live up to its title. The pink is fun, especially if you use a glass mug to see the whole drink. The “hot chocolate” part of the title is very disappointing. Of course, I wasn’t fully expecting a milk chocolate taste, but I honestly can’t even say it tastes remotely like white chocolate…or really any kind of chocolate for that matter.

If you’re looking for a novelty drink, this is cute, especially for young girls. However, if you’re expecting something akin to hot cocoa as it is generally understood to be, I would look elsewhere.

JeannetteLogandale, NV

Luck O’ the Irish Hot Chocolate Mix

Good thing I got this from the bargain bin or I would really be perturbed. Whatever the claims, this mix has no chocolate flavor of any kind. A more correct description would be Coconut flavored drink mix. Apparently the 10 oz rating is including the weight of the “cauldron” because there’s no way there was 10 oz of product inside. You might get three cups of “hot chocolate” per container if you like the “flavor” really mild.
It really wasn’t worth the price I paid and certainly not the inflated regular price. Two of the three cauldrons were dented heavily so those won’t even be much use as decoration. Look for a better brand.
PrinceMc Alister, NM

pretty color

This is a very pretty container, and my granddaughter loved the blue color when mixed with water– but— it tastes more like coconut than chocolate– should be labeled hot coconut drink.
LoidaGenesee, MI

Dents in 2 of the tins when arrived

This cocoa is like any other cocoa, other than it is white and turns pink when touches liquid. The tin is cute, but 2 cans were dented when they arrived. Not sure if it was from shipping or the seller. A bit over priced in my opinion as well.
KirstenFillmore, MO

Not impressed!

I bought these along with several other Raggedy Ann & Andy hot cocoas. The Beary Blue and Pink Hot Chocolate both came with dented cans. I’m not sure if they came from the seller that way or if this happened during the shipping process, but I decided to keep them anyway. This is the only set of hot cocoas that had a sticker of Raggedy Andy wrapped around the tin insted of it being imprinted on the actual tin. Kids seem to love that it turns blue once it touches the milk or water.
HyoWinchester, TN

Perfectly Fancy!!!

My 9 year old absolutely loves it! Of course she is a fancy Nancy fan and whenever I sit down to have my Latte, she feels all grown up to have her fancy hot chocolate with her Mommy. Love the taste and aromatic coconut scent. I think its great she loves it and its different, she loves it and that is the most important thing she feels she now has her own special drink like Mommy when we cozy up to hot drink. I have to find some more as she is upset she has ran out and we were lucky to find this one at Home Goods, now have to see where I can order some.
TemekaAnthony, NM