Mcvities Hob Nobs 300 G

McVitie’s Hobnobs (300g)

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Top reviews

A loveable upstart of a biscuit

The “Hobnob” is a Johnny-come-lately member of the upper echelons of the British biscuit market. Introduced only in 1984, this young upstart has nevertheless firmly established itself in the hearts (and mouths!) of the British biscuit-buying public, alongside the more traditional classics like the 300-odd-year old “Rich Tea” and the 130-year old “Digestive“. It is sweeter and chewier than many other British biscuits, made from a mix of rolled and jumbo oats, in many ways presenting itself as something of a hybrid between a digestive biscuit and a flapjack. It may seem very dry to anyone brought up with cookies (rather than biscuits) and — like most British biscuits — “Hobnobs” are best eaten with a cup of tea. Needless to say, they make excellent dunking biscuits (although being quite flaky, they have a rather messy tendency to shed oat crumbs into the drink).

“Hobnobs” are decidedly more addictive than traditional British biscuits (no doubt due to their sweetness) and there is nothing truer than McVitie’s original advertising line for this product: “one nibble and you’re nobbled”. A multipack may therefore be worth considering, unless, of course, you’re dieting, in which case you would do well to avoid them entirely!

ShavonRural Hall, NC

Hobnobs knock me out

Having eaten these first in Spain, I leapt at the chance to buy them here. Full flavored, not overly sweet, they have a rich full grain taste and very satisfying texture. This is a cookie one must chew and savor. They’re a regular for me now. Also great dunked in tea or coffee.
BuffyPuposky, MN

Hob Nobs are tasty

I had these in Europe and just had to bring them home. They have a very clean taste that can be very refreshing.
MellieRandall, MN

Tasty.. same as the one sold in London

I was earlier hesitant in ordering this product because i wasn’t sure if this product was exactly same as the one sold in London…. BUT now we know that this is exactly same as those sold in UK… Also, the package was delivered promptly and it was appropriately packed in the box…
TinishaPalmyra, WI

Hob Nobs

Plain Hob Nobs are hard to find, so bless you for carrying them. Buy in bulk to spread the sting of the shipping charge and they actually become quite affordable – either way, they were worth it. Package arrived quickly, well wrapped and with no broken biscuits!
MargarettaFort Sill, OK


Super tasty! Makes a lovely snack with afternoon tea or pre-gym nibble. Does not contain milk so it is great for lactose intolerant folks like me.
VennieForest Ranch, CA

A biscuit of british delight.

I had purchased the product based on how frequently it was mentioned in a British novel series I favor.

As it is shipped, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Hobnobs to not be crumbly from any rough encounters it had while in transit. It was shipped with a second item, both had been in a single box filled with package cushioning material. This was more than sufficient to keep them from moving around in the box.

The biscuits have a flavor that is quite close to honey granola bars, although not quite as dry. It should still be consumed with a side beverage, such as tea or milk.

McVities Hobnob Biscuits are available as an Amazon prime item, and shipping was not only free, but arrived in two business days. Several other similar food items have shipping costs that are equal to, or exceed the cost of the biscuits themselves.

All and all, a great product at a good price with excellent shipping price and speed. I will definitely purchase again.

HerbertMiddle Village, NY

I love me some Hobnobs!

During my high school and college years,McVities product line provided me some real comfort on many a bad day with no Hershey bars on the horizon. Hobnobs have a clean,not-too-sweet flavor and a pleasant crumbliness,rather like an upgraded oatmeal cookie minus the raisins. They are good dunking cookies if you don’t mind getting oat crumbs at the bottom of your cup of hot chocolate. A handful of Hobnobs and a glass of milk are a good tide-me-over in that expanse of time between lunch and dinner.
NgocDurant, FL

Yummy! Substantial for a cookie!

One of my Weight Watcher friends recommended these and I agree with her – they are delicious and ONE of these at 72 calories satisfies a sweet tooth. There are only 3.9g of sugars and NO hydrogenated vegetable oils and lots of oats. I plan to order a container once a month. Very tasty and highly recommended. Snacks CAN be healthy.
StefanieMaple City, MI