McVities Milk Choc Hobnobs – 8.8oz

Imported from England, McVities Milk Choc Hobnobs are oaty biscuits covered in milk chocolate. The perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea. Net Weight: 8.8 ounces (249 grams) Ingredients: Rolled oats, milk chocolate, wholemeal, sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, partially inverted sugar syrup, raising agents, salt. Please note: This item cannot ship to Canada. Canada prohibits dairy and beef products manufactured in the United Kingdom to be shipped into Canada. Thank you. Now that warm weather is upon us, we would like to remind our valued customers of the option to ship meltable candy items by NEXT DAY AIR so that they arrive to you in good condition. All of our goods ships from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please keep in mind how hot the weather is and your distance from us when determining your shipping request. Thank you.

Quick facts

  • McVities Milk Choc Hobnobs
  • 8.8oz (249g)
  • Imported from England
  • All of our goods ship from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Please keep in mind how hot the weather is and your distance from us when determining your shipping request.

Top reviews

A coating too far

This jumped-up cookie-wannabe really is taking things a little too far. McVitie’s Hobnobs are already a mite sweeter than many British biscuits and many believe that they already pander a little too much to modern American-influenced tastes ever to truly qualify as a proper biscuit. To add a coating of milk-chocolate (which melts as soon as you try to dunk one) to such a confection is really taking things altogether too far, producing a sickly mismatch of tastes and textures that will appeal only to the young of pallet. Or, perhaps, to the glutton (who will want the 12-pack).

Perhaps the final clue that this was never intended for a British market is to be found in the fact that McVitie have here dispensed with the modest paper wrapper of a “proper” packet of biscuits and chosen to sell these items in a plastic tube. Hmmm…

PennieWolfe City, TX

The best crunchy cookie ever

Hob Nobs are crunchy sweet cookies, perfect for an after-dinner treat and also perfect for dunking with tea (or coffee) at any time of the day.
LeighGreenwich, OH

Better than any commercial oatmeal cookie

After hearing about these legendary cookies and being unable to procure them in my benighted corner of the US, I finally located fresh stock at “All Things Bright and British” in La Mesa, California (near San Diego). I now wish I had also bought the non-chocolate variety for comparison and will since the shop is nearby.
Let me say that for my taste these are truly excellent. Certainly they may be too sweet for some tastes, and I agree with another reviewer that for dunking into hot beverages the coating will melt. (But dunking into cold milk might be interesting.) In fact, keep them out of hot weather as the type of chocolate coating is not hard.
But for taste these are far superior to any Keebler, Nabisco, etc. cookie of this style and only cookies from small, quality bakeries can compare. If you can get your hands on a package and enjoy a crunchy, oaty, delicious cookie by all means give these a try.
What’s most amazing is that even with the chocolate coating, the calories and fat are very low for a fairly large cookie, and each has 1 gm of fiber. I don’t have all the numbers to array, but I am sure that the Hob Nobs would beat their commercial equivalents in all categories (not, of course, that you eat cookies for health!)
For price comparison: I paid $4 for a 9 oz tube in early 2009. Definitely not something I’m going to buy all the time, but a worthwhile treat.
JosefBeason, IL


I have adored these for over a decade. It took quite a bit to get to the US, but they were so worth the wait!
ReidLa Junta, CO

Just excellent!

Do you like McVitie’s digestive biscuits? If you do, you’ll love this. It’s a rougher and fuller version of it with chocolate on one side. McVitie’s digestive biscuits already come in chocolate form, but the Hobnobs biscuits seem to be a more intense version of them. If you want a less intense flavor, then choose the regular digestive biscuit chocolate version. It’s filling and just tastes great. There is no American counterpart of these kind of biscuits so you’ll be in for a real treat if you like intense biscuits. I just love them.
CelestineDallas, NC

best biscuits I have ever tasted.

They are great with Coffee, Tea or just by themselves. They are very addicting and full of fiber. I am so glad they are available in the USA.
TatianaAddieville, IL