MDH Chana Masala

MDH Brand Chana Masala – Value Pack of 500 Grams.

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  • MDH Brand Chana Masala – Value Pack of 500 Grams.

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My Favorite

This is my favorite chole spice mix. I follow the pressure cooker instructions on the package which are somewhat different than the instructions on other brands. Most brands suggest cooking the chickpeas separately and then adding them to the tomato/spice mixture. With this, the instructions tell you to add the tomato/spice mixture to the pressure cooker along with the uncooked soaked chickpeas and pressure cook them together. My experience is that the final result is much, much more flavorful and the chickpeas have a nicer consistency to them. I have tried several different brands of Indian spice mixes available at my local Indian grocery store and I consistently find the MDH brand mixes to be my favorites.
DemetriaBaldwin Park, CA

A little gritty

This seasoning has excellent flavour and heat. The only thing is there is sometimes some grittiness which can be avoided by mixing it into a little warm water before adding to the pot.
KiraMccurtain, OK