MDH Dal Makhani Masala 100g

MDH Dal makhani masala is spices blend for black lentils

Quick facts

  • MDH Dal Makhani Masala
  • Spice for Lentil
  • Masala is a spice add taste to your entrée

Top reviews

Excellent Dal Makhani Mix

This is the only Dal Makhani mix that I will use. The results are EXCELLENT. I have tried different brands of Indian spice mixes available at my local Indian grocer – and MDH is consistently my favorite.
NgaEast Moriches, NY

My god, this stuff is good

I’ve tried making Indian food for years, grinding spices, closely following the directions in high end Indian cookbooks. They just never worked. The spices were too subtle, too refined. The thing I love about Indian food is how it practically assaults your mouth (but in a good way). While whinging about my failures to an Indian friend of mine, she suggested I use the seasonings that regular old Indian people actually used. She brought me a bunch of MDH spice mixes. My cooking world changed. MDH spice blends are dirt cheap and absolutely delicious. I have a few favorites, and at the top of the list is their Dal Mahkani, which, oh my god, it’s amazing. Buy it, buy it, buy it. You will not believe how good this stuff is. And if you go for the down and dirty, smack you in the face awesomeness that only Indian god can give you, grab a box of Chunky Chat while you’re at it. It will rock your world.
ChunHenderson, TN


Excellent masala. I love using it with V8 and hot peppers to make great dal!
LaviniaStockton, IL