MDH Dal Makhni Masala

MDH Dal Makhani Masala is a spice blend of black lentils.

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Ok so I got 10 boxes of this stuff for less than $10 shipped(warehouse deal). It was much more product than I expected. Each box contains at least 3 pots depending on how spicy you want it. I “cheated” I used 1/2 can black beans and 1/2 can kidney beans and one can of petite cut tomatoes and 1/2 cup Quorn Grounds (a frozen veggie product) and it was so yummy. When I make chilli for my hubby I use 1/2 of the beans in mine and 1/2 in his so he gets his American chilli and I get my Indian version of “chilli”. Hot but not so overly hot for us wimps 🙂
VasilikiRocheport, MO