Medium Gumball Bank

The original Junior Carousel Gumball Machine is a smaller version of the classic gumball machine that set the standard for bubble gum machines when they were first introduced in the 1920’s – almost 90 years ago. This brand new replica antique gumball machine is guaranteed authentic made by Carousel/Ford Gum Machine. Don’t settle for cheap imitations! At 11.5″ tall, this old fashioned gumball machine is perfect for home, office or dorm room use. It’s also a great gumball machine for kids because it works as a gumball machine bank that helps teach how to save money. Kids of all ages love to put a coin in and guess which color they’ll get! Junior Carousel Gumball Machine Features: – Real glass gumball machine globe – Cast metal gumball machine base, lid, and coin mechanism – Accepts any coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies) – Includes instructions for “free spin” to work without coins – Works as a gumball bank – retrieve coins when full – Anti-spill gumball chute door cover – Machine comes fully assembled in a gift box – Dispenses small gumballs (.62″ or smaller), candy, or nuts – Gumball capacity: 2 lbs. of .62″ gumballs – Dimensions: 12″H x 8″W – Weight: 5 lbs. – Color: Classic red finish – 30-day money back guarantee Availability: Plenty in stock! Your order will ship the same day if its placed before 12:00pm Mountain Time Mon-Fri. Otherwise your order will ship on the next business day. Great gift idea! This is a great gumball machine for kids – it works as a bank that rewards them with a gumball every time they put a coin into their savings. The smaller photo above shows the Junior Carousel’s colorful gift box (shipped in a plain outer box).

Quick facts

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  • Carousel door; easy lift top keeps gumballs off the floor
  • Flexible dispensing; accepts pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters or, set it for plain dispensing
  • Gumballs not included

Top reviews


I realize I did not read the fine print…. but who would sell a gumball machine without the gumballs???? The child was very disappointed on his birthday.
EveliaOak Run, CA

Fun Gumball Banks

They have 3 different sizes of these so I bought one of each size for each of my kids. Obviously the older one get the larger size and my little one got the smaller bank.

My middle son has to eat only sugar free gum so I got him a package from these people and my other son and daughter split one of their tubs of the smaller sized gum.

Good people to deal with, talked to them on the phone and were very helpful. Yes — I would recommend them.

EmileeManchester, VT


I got this for my son in law who loves M&Ms. It works great and looks good, he chose not to have it accept coins but to dispense free. He was concerned at first it only gave him 3 m&ms but after reading directions (imagine that) he was able to change the setting to dispense more.
LaverneNeola, IA

very satisfied customer

I ordered the medium gumball machine and gumballs for my 6 year old grandaughter for Christmas. It arrived damaged. I emailed the shipper (Candy Machines) about the damage (glass top was broken). They shipped a new one the day they received my email. The replacement arrived in 4 days. Their prompt response to my problem was great and the sign of a good company to do business with. My grandaughter is thrilled and so am I! My thanks to […] and their Amazon representative. CF
MiguelArlington, KS

Huge hit for my 5yr old!

My daughter has been waiting patiently for her 5th bday to come so she could finally have gum. We bought the gumball machine along with some gumballs and she was super excited. The machine is very easy to use(even my 3yr old can get the money in and turn handle with little trouble). It accepts all coins and you can change the amount of gumballs that come out. Very sturdy. The top is glass and needs to be handled with care but at the age of 5 she knows to be careful. Love it!
TracyBrocket, ND

Cheap price, cheap product

I was so excited to find a good sized gumball machine for my classroom for this price. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I took the hole thing apart and played with it and someone tried to help me fix it. One of the pieces inside doesn’t work properly and it seems like even if I got another one the same problem would occur. The coin either gets stuck or you put one coin in and then the next time you can turn it without a coin. It works fine if you leave it on the setting where you don’t use a coin.
AlexisGlenns Ferry, ID

Awesome product! Must buy!!!!

So this gumball machine was bigger than I expected and that first put me on to it! My friend has one so I wanted to get one also. Anyway it’s 12″ tall and is made of glass, die-cast metal and the smallest bit of plastic. Great materials used in this product! One tip though. BUY GUMBALLS WITH THIS MACHINE!!! this does not come with candy. This machine is so much fun and takes Quarters, Nickles, Dimes and Pennies. The only thing I want to add is that sometimes even after putting the coin in no gumballs come out but this can be easily fixed! Please click this link for a video review made by me! […]
If the link does not work, type the code in the URL!!
JungSavage, MN


quality gum ball machine. I am very happy with it. solid glass and classic look. It is a christmas gift for my daughter and a great way to show her how to save money. plus she gets a little reward.
JoniBonnieville, KY

The kids think it is so cool!

Our family thought the gumball machine was so cool. I am afraid one of the kids will break the glass globe, so I keep it up high out of their reach. It is a nice looking item. My husband is going to take it to work to keep in his office. We’ve eaten enough Reeses Pieces and M&M’s here since we got it.
BillyePeconic, NY

Old-Fashioned Gumball Bank

Santa left this gumball bank under the tree for my 6 year old daughter who is crazy about gumballs and gumball machines and she was very happy to find it. When I first took it out of the box I surprised that it was smaller than I expected, but it’s still big enough. I bought a 20 ounce container of sugarless gumballs and it filled the gumball bank about halfway up. I used a nickle to test the coin-turn knob mechanism and found that the gumballs jammed about 2 out of every 5 tries. The gumball machine can be adjusted to allow only one or several gumballs to drop at each turn and I adjusted it so that 2 would drop since these gumballs are pretty small. It seemed to work o.k. after that.

The only problem with it and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the knob is too hard for my daughter to turn all the way by herself. I have to turn it the rest of the way for her. The bank aspect is great, it holds a lot of coins, it’s easy to get the money out once the gumballs are all gone, it’s easy to re-fill with gumballs, and the directions say you can fill it up with other candies besides just gumballs though we haven’t tried anything else. You can adjust this bank to give gumballs without having to insert a coin (any size coin seems to work fine) but we want her to save some money so she has to use a coin to get gumballs. The head is made out of what seems to be fairly durable glass (not plastic) and the base is all metal painted fire-truck red. I will probably add a drop or two of oil to the knob mechanism since it seems to grind a bit when being turned. It’s not what a millionaire would buy for their kid, but it’s cute and colorful, and it works alright – just hard for a kid to turn the knob.

KayceSallis, MS

Fun for all ages

Gave these to my daughters as Christmas gifts and filled with M & M’s. The grandkids love it.
LaylaConewango Valley, NY

Perfect Little Gumball Machine

This is just what we wanted for our four-year-old. Not too big, not too small. Shipped great and made it here fine. It does not come with gumballs so make sure to order some. Beware of the gumballs on the market, we have tried two different brands now and both seem to have about a 60 second taste-life. The gumballs from the ‘yellow box’…don’t remember the name…have been the worst since they go tasteless AND get hard very quick.

Daughter loves this and works it easily. It take pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters…which is great. The top red piece screws on and off…you can use a quarter more easily to do this than a screwdriver.

I would recommend.

ShonaInez, TX

M&M bank!

My son wanted a M&M bank for Christmas. The actual m&M banks seamed to be fragile plastic for a 4 year old. This one is great!! We keep it up on the counter and he needs to put money in before he gets any! We too enjoy a little treat everyday!
CleliaClarendon, TX

Gumball bank

Just what I ordered. Even 4 & 5 yr olds can use it with no problem.
Fast delivery. Quality product
LillaSouth Lake Tahoe, CA


Just the right size ands sturdy. It was easy to assmble and use. We filled it with gumballs and another one with chocolate, kids love it!
BelkisPownal, ME

best thing i ever ordered on amazon

I cant believe my luck. They are the greatest company ever. 1st it arrived in 2 days. 2nd it works great. The handle turned great too. 3rd It dispenses the right amount so I get a good prophet. 4th it arrived all put together so all I had to do was fill it up. However the thing does not lock so I have to keep it safe. I will definetly order from them again.
DelmyUmatac, GU

Old Time Gum Ball machine

This is an old time, mechanical gum ball machine that takes any coin or you can set it to work with no coins at all. The only things I found that I did not like were the part were the gum balls (I am using it for M&Ms) come out is even with the bottom. If it is sitting flat on a table, you cannot get your hand under the chute to scoop the gumballs or M&Ms into your hand. You have to set this up on something about 2″ thick with the chute hanging over the edge. The other thing is, when the items fill the chute and you flip up the plastic cover, you have to use a finger to scoop out the items onto your hand. It is a one or two at a time process because the plastic cover does not flip up completely out of the way. But, for the price, it is great. I have it in a senior center and a sign that says “One Cent buys you a little bit of heaven”. That’s for the M&Ms we have in there. We always make sure we have a roll of pennies to make change. They all love it and do not mind the two little things that I just mentioned.
HarrisBuckley, MI

Gumball machine

Fast Delivery and a great sturdy gumball machine!!! It will be use in an office setting to dispense gumballs or other various candy 🙂
OscarBrooklyn, PA

Nice quality for the price

I dinged this one star because the first one I received had a defective coin mechanism. The replacement works great and I adjusted it to dispense 2 carousel gumballs at a time. The glass globe and metal base are nice and heavy. The chute is a little small for my large fingers – but it is my daughter’s machine so I won’t complain too much. The bottom (not visible) is all plastic. This is where you get the money out of the bank. I would be really impressed if it had been all metal as well. I suppose it should be fine if my kids aren’t too rough with it.

The little screw that allows you to adjust how much gum or candy comes out is threaded into soft plastic. It felt stripped to me after just one adjustment (done carefully by myself), but it is holding. Parts are available at low cost if needed from the manufacturer, but this is just another place where they saved money to make this machine cheap for us.

RhiannonCopake Falls, NY

Works as described

Got this for fun, filled it with Runts. It’s fairly easy to fill/refill via the top, and the coin functionality works well! Pretty fun to put coins in, twist, and have the candy fall to the bottom. Made of metal and glass, so it’s pretty solid.
LilliamBolivar, MO

Love the machine…but…

The product is exactly what I wanted – looks good and is soooo much fun – and the email responses from the seller were timely and informative. I had trouble disconnecting the coin mechanism so it would work without having to insert a coin. I followed all instructions and even advice over the phone. When I was still unable to disconnect the mechanism from the unit using excessive force, I emailed the seller for additional suggestions because I did not want to break the machine. I never got a response from the seller and am still not able to disconnect the mechanism.
JacindaNew Market, IA

Medium Gumball Bank Makes Great Birthday Gift

This was a gift all three (5, 10 & 12 yrs. old) grandkids enjoyed. Their parents’ enthusiastic one line feedback was, “Works great. Kids love it. Keep it filled with jelly beans. Solid feel. Thanks!”
SanfordBergenfield, NJ

Nice Nostalgic sNack Machine!

This is a great piece of nostalgia. It functions like a real slot gumball machine.
It’s easy to setup and take apart. Glass globe makes it look very authentic.
I think everybody (who’s a kid at heart) should have one of these at home.
It makes a great paperweight and conversation piece!
MarcellLake Clear, NY

Sturdy and decorative

I purchased this gumball machine to dispense candy at my office. It is sturdy and easy to work- just add candy in the top and remove coins as necessary. I was able to follow the instructions to take the machine apart to control the amount dispensed and allow it to dispense without coins (“freeplay”) in about 20 minutes. The most this machine will dispense at a time is about two small Cadbury chocolates, which works for doling out chocolate to my co-workers. 🙂

The machine was shipped quickly in sturdy packaging and arrived intact. The medium model was about the size I expected. I might get the smaller version if I was going to use this for decoration at home.

DenitaLlano, CA

great gumball machine

this is a very well built gumball machine its metal and glass very little plastic on it, its great that you actually need a coin to get the gumballs as well. the only thing i would say bad about it is that the bottom is made of plastic and it is to easy to get at the door to get the coins back, i would maybe like to see a lock of some kind on the machine but thats only a minor thing other wise very happy with this product
MillardGordonsville, VA

great, classic machine

we have only had it a week but we love it. heavy. functions perfectly. love the fact that it acts as a money bank too. great motivation for the kids to put money away. my kids (5 and 3 1/2) love it. probably their favorite christmas present. good size too. i am glad i didnt go with the bigger one as my kids do move this around.
SoilaRosalie, NE

Good Gumball Machine

Got this gumball machine/bank for my nephew. It was a big hit right away. The package was delivered very quickly, it’s just the right size–small enough to sit on a table top without taking up too much space, but large enough to hold a substantial number of gumballs–sturdily constructed, easy to get up and running, and is easy to operate. Highly recommended if you’re in the market for a gumball machine.
CandelariaPleasant Garden, NC

Exactly what we expected

This is the perfect size for my 5 year old and it appears well-made and will bring lots of fun and excitement at her birthday party!!! It arrived two days after ordering…without special shipping requested.
PedroLake Cicott, IN

Great product & fun

Wonderful product – our kids love using it. We fill it with glass “jewels” for the kids to earn as part of a rewards program for good behavior, helping out, etc… They earn pennies, then get to collect their jewels from the machine. It’s a fun novelty the kids enjoy, so it serves as motivation to do good = win-win. All $$ from gumball machine gets dontated to charity by the kids, and the kids turn in their jewels for prizes/special trips, etc.

The machine is high quality- metal/glass construction, nice old fashioned look, easy for the kids (4 yrs & 6 yrs) to operate. Looks nice on display. Our ‘jewels’ are smaller than gumballs, but bigger than M&Ms – we set the machine to the smallest opening in hopes of only getting one jewel out at a time, but two come out many times.

Fast shipping & packed well – so no damage upon receipt. We would recommend for candy, decoration, treasures or whatever fun you come up with.

ShirelyBethel Island, CA

perfect for kids

Our 4 yr old is in LOVE with this gumball machine. We really like that it requires money so he cant just get it whenever he wants it : ) It takes all coins too which is a plus
VickyPresque Isle, ME