Meiji Fruity Strawberry Chocolate By Meiji

Individually wrapped chocolate candies

Quick facts

  • Meltykiss Fruity Strawberry
  • 60g

Top reviews

Very nice

I came across this product by raiding my local Japanese deli.

The taste is excellent. Strawberry and chocolate flavors fit in seamlessly and complement each other. Fruit cuts the sweetness, while the chocolate eliminates the (possible) sourness. Overall flavor is creamy and pleasant.

I find myself reaching into the box for the next bite size candy… until there are none left. Although less gluttonous people may not experience the same issue.

JoettaHauppauge, NY


Yummy, oishi—- for serious, one of my favorite brands of chocolate! (And I eat a LOT of chocolate.)
This is over-the-top customer service, and even sent me the chocolate from Japan. I really appreciate it, and will treasure the chocolate. The meltykisses are individually wrapped, and are small, but they are truffle-lilke in their quality. Excellent!
NieshaLake Norden, SD


Wish they sold this all year. It is the best strawberry I have ever had! It just melts in your mouth!
LatinaCentenary, SC

Best chocolates ever! – really is a melty in your mouth kiss!

They melt in your mouth and are the most devine mix of strawberry and chocolate. The center is so soft and smooth and melds with the chocolate perfectly. I’m addicted to these and frequently buy them for friends just to get more people addicted!
CarolinaWayland, MI


I have bought this candy every winter for the past 4 years. And I can tell you, i’ve been through quite a lot of Japanese candy as well. And by far, the MeltyKiss Strawberry is the best, best, best candy in the world! But you have to eat them ssssssllllllllooooooooowwwwwww. Or else the box will be gone in 13.4 seconds. Yeah, they’re that good.
AssuntaShady Spring, WV

Love these!

I love love love these little chocolates, but I wish they would have them allll the time. Also, if they are going to have them just at winter, why cant they have a huge stock of them…sigh. So frustrating. But am very glad I was at least able to get 3 boxes…proly will be the only ones I can get for a long time. ;P
ShinBriceville, TN


i orderd this product once Cuz its always out of stock !!! please restock and btw this is amazing <3
SimonMemphis, MI