Melinda’s Fire Roasted Hot Sauce, 5 Ounce

We believe that pepper sauces are not just measured by units of heat, but more importantly by flavor. What makes a pepper sauce extraordinary is balancing the heat and flavor perfectly. We don’t just make sauces that burn, we make sauces that sizzle with flavor.

Quick facts

  • Wow, such flavor, so much tasty

Top reviews

not overly hot, but overly delicious

This is by far my favourite sauce from this company. Don’t be turned off by the fact that it uses habanero peppers – I would say it is at best a “medium” sauce. The flavour is outstanding though – I use it on everything from tuna salad to spicing up pico. Excellent product.
LonnieThousand Palms, CA

Pretty hot but flavorful

This hot sauce is one of my favorites and one that I tend to always have on hand. It is not as hot as her Jalapeno hot sauce which is around 1,000 Scoville units but is hotter than her basic habanero sauce which is only about 450 SUs. It is perfect on a breakfast burrito and has a really good flavor to accompany the heat. A real staple that goes with almost everything.
JenellYachats, OR

My favorite hot sauce!

I love Melinda’s hot sauces! They know how to mix the right amount of heat without losing flavor. I’ve tried 5 of them and they’re all great.
PetrinaAlleene, AR