Melissa’s Fresh Strawberry Papayas, Set of 4

The sweetest and most flavorful of all papayas, Melissas Strawberry Papayas have of hint of fresh peach and berry flavors. The intense pink or salmon-red colored flesh makes a colorful and delicious addition to fruit salads and salsas, and the fruity flavors are perfect in your favorite smoothie recipes. Whether used as an ingredient, or simply enjoyed with a squeeze of fresh lime, Strawberry Papayas from Melissas brings you the sweet taste of the tropics.

Quick facts

  • 4 Large fresh Papayas
  • Ships 2nd Day
  • Available year round

Top reviews

did you know…

that you can use papaya seeds as a substitute for pepper?

Now you can tell your friends to sniff the seeds, telling them that it won’t make them sneeze. Boy will the egg be on there faces when the do sneeze!

Huzzah! Good times for all

MaryamScranton, SC