Melissa’s Vanilla Bean, 2-Count Bags

Melissa’s Vanilla Beans accent the natural sweetness of anything to which they are added. Try them in your favorite recipe calling for vanilla extract. Product of Madagascar.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 2-ounce packs of whole vanilla beans (24 total ounces)
  • Whole vanilla beans
  • Accents the natural sweetness of recipes and foods
  • Try them in all recipes calling for vanilla extract
  • Product of Madagascar

Top reviews

Excellent Buy!

Vanilla beans in our area cost $6 for one and up to $11 for two. I like to make my own vanilla extract and I also like vanilla flavored sugar which requires whole beans. I probably have a lifetime supply of vanilla beans now, but with Amazon’s excellent price on this item, I can use them freely and order again if I need to. Thanks Amazon!
SookFair Play, SC

fragrant, delicious, and cheap

Vanilla beans typically run 6-10 dollars for two at major supermarkets. Those prices make me reluctant to use them in most dishes that call for them, and instead I use vanilla bean paste (Williams and Sonoma sells a very good product). But these beans are such a good deal (less than a fifth the supermarket price) that now I’m willing to use them with almost reckless abandon. Vanilla beans really do provide superior flavor to things like rice pudding and custards and vanilla ice cream, a more complex, more luxurious flavor than vanilla extract does. These beans arrived fresh, fragrant, and tightly bagged. They’re Madagascar vanilla beans, considered by some cognoscenti to be inferior to Tahitian beans, but not being one of the cognoscenti, I can’t detect much difference at all. This product has made me a fan of internet grocery shopping.
ShirelyWye Mills, MD

I will never buy vanilla beans at the store again!

I purchased a Cuisinart electric ice cream maker Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic 1-1/2-Quart Ice-Cream Maker, Whitethis summer as well as a couple of great recipe books (The Perfect Scoop by David Libovitz, and The Old Fashioned Ice Cream Cookbook by Joyce Deuker). Most of the recipes in each book call for vanilla beans (in fact, almost insist on them!) – have you priced them recently? Yikes. So I turned to my trusty site, searched for vanilla beans and found these. I could not be more pleased – they are moist, flexible and have a very nice flavor. I particularly like that they come in packages of two, so the remainder stay fresh – who knew vanilla beans weren’t crunchy! After I have soaked the ice cream mixture, I dry the bean and put it in a jar with sugar so next time I see a recipe for vanilla sugar, I won’t have to scramble. I highly recommed this product.
FlorencioSan Jose, CA

I freeze them

This is a good deal on whole vanilla beans, which I mostly use for making my own extract with Everclear.

I stick them in the freezer to preserve, so it’s worthwhile buying so many at once and getting the bulk deal on these.

NaomaFalls City, OR

Best Vanilla Beans

Great product for the price. Only negative would be the packaging. Since I keep mine in the freezer a single package of 24 or 30 or whatever would be sufficient. I make “Chocaluah”, a coffee-chocolate liquor for adult use as a syrup over ice cream. These beans add additional depth to the flavor of the sauce.
NadineFiskeville, RI

Good flavor and value!

Purchased for making homemade vanilla ice cream. Slightly smaller beans than expected, but overall flavor and price outweighs expensive local bought beans.
CristieCoila, MS

Fair price. Good quality

Nice alternative if you can’t find them locally. Great gift for the avid cook.
EttieMims, FL

Great value!

I have a small gourmet catering business and have a couple of dessert items I use vanilla beans for. One recipe calls for 3 full vanilla beans for each recipe! One can image how expensive that would be at $4 – $6 per bean! This Melissa’s box was an incredible buy at just over $1 per bean…the beans are supple and their flavor is very good. As another reviewer mentioned, they are not the most coveted bean but for most purposes they are excellent! I highly recommend this purchase for anyone who uses a lot of vanilla beans or who can find someone to share them with. I don’t know how long they will remain fresh because I haven’t had that issue, but as quickly as I use them, I don’t expect to. This is a tremendous value!!
ShennaFaith, SD