Melitta Café de Europa Gourmet Coffee, Classique Ground, Medium Roast, 11-Ounce

Created with the exceptional quality and uncompromising standards of the world’s best cafes, Melitta brings to life the feelings of the most romantic European Cafes. True to our European heritage, we select only premium high grown coffees from the finest coffee producing regions around the world. These top quality, hand-picked beans are then batch roasted and ground extra fine to release the full elegance of the coffee. The result isan exceptional flavor that is always rich and never bitter. Just like the finest cafe coffee.

Quick facts

  • A taste of Europe. Enchanting flavor that is delightfully smooth and balanced
  • Blended with 100% high grown arabica coffee beans from the worlds best coffee producing regions
  • European extra fine grind to release the best coffee flavor
  • The flavor of Europe in every cup
  • Kosher OU

Top reviews

Coffee Lover

I have tried many brands of coffee and I always come back to Melitta. This coffee is the best they have made….not too dark, not too light…simply perfect!
RonaldRex, GA


Moderately flavorful with no trace of bitterness. Low acidity, nice aroma. I had to use significantly more per pot than the package specifies, but that is usually the case with my Cuisinart drip coffee maker.
EdgarHoughton Lake Heights, MI

One of the best coffees I have ever tasted

Recently tried the Melitta Cafe Collection Classique for the first time. Unbelievable! It’s going to be hard to drink anything else in the future
NellRico, CO

Mystery Coffee Tastes Pretty Good

Many coffee containers, whether they’re bags or cans, tell you what you’ll be getting inside. Although there is ample advertising and promotional information printed on the bag, I was left clueless as to where the arabica beans were grown. That’s why I called this “mystery coffee.” My usual brew is made from freshly-ground, all Colombian grown 100% arabica beans from a top-rated coffee supplier.

Since I’m a serious coffee drinker, I would not usually buy such small bags of it. An 11-ounce bag will make about three full 10-cup pots of coffee for me at the strength that I usually brew (1 level tablespoon full of ground coffee per cup brewed which is half-again more than Melitta recommends). Melitta used such a strong adhesive to seal the bag, I had to nearly destroy the top of the bag to get into it. Once opened, the bag yielded a hearty, pleasant fragrance of freshly-ground coffee. I expected that it would brew good-tasting coffee with a bold taste and I was not disappointed.

Melitta recommends using their brand of filters because they’ve ground the coffee finely to extract the maximum flavor, but my usual store-brand filters worked just fine. If your coffee preference is for bold but not bitter over mild you’ll probably find this coffee to be satisfying; more like Starbucks than Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Ultimately choosing a favorite brand of coffee, for most people, is a matter of taste and cost. This collection is certainly worth considering if you like your brew to be potent and to actually taste like coffee instead of like something else or wish to share this tasty coffee experience by giving one of these small bags as a gift. I enjoyed this coffee but wouldn’t buy such small bags of it regularly for my own consumption. My top-rated bean coffee comes in more convenient packaging and costs me less.

TerinaReadfield, WI

Not My Cup Of Coffee

I don’t enjoy this blend much, but as another reviewer mentioned perhaps it needs a Melitta coffee maker for it’s full potential.

I’ve made 3 pots:

First I followed the instructions (2 level teaspoons per 6 ounces). I got brown colored water.

Then I doubled it. Tasted kind of like a cheap grocery store canned brand.

Finally I filled a #4 filter about 1/3 full to about 9 oz of water. That produced the best results, but I still just wasn’t thrilled with the flavor.

So you know where my taste in coffee is coming from, I normally drink medium roast (which this is), so that isn’t the issue. I do normally grind my own, but again pre-ground won’t cause that big of a difference. My preferred daily coffee is Safeway house brand medium roast Colombian, but lately due to finances I’ve been drinking a dollar store brand called “Eight O’Clock” that’s of similar (though different) quality to the Melitta.

My suggestion is if you’d like a quality coffee in this price range look at Seattle’s Best (Starbucks milder step child) or if you have a Safeway their house brand beans are quite good.

Edit: I compared the Melitta today with a similar Millstone (Medium Roast Colombian Supremo). The Millstone was much better.

CletaNorfolk, CT

Inexpensive coffee lacking in flavor

I am a true coffee lover and it is my favorite beverage morning or night. I enjoy brewing coffee at home and buy a variety of brands in varying price points. After reading the description of the Melitta Cafe Collection I was excited to brew it. I was extremely disappointed by how stale the coffee smelled when I opened the bag and was not impressed by the flavor after I brewed it. It tasted like a pouch of hotel coffee, no flavor, stale and bad aroma. The packaging looks upscale and is a great price but unfortunately the coffee was not good, I had to throw it away.
YanHermitage, AR

Good Coffee

We enjoyed this coffee and would recommend it to others. The coffee came pre-ground so there was no need for bean grinding. I would say this is a medium blend coffee without any bitterness. It would appeal to a variety of people as we certainly enjoyed it.
LukeStuart, NE

Excellent Coffee

The key points here are probably the vacuum packing (no air!) and the extremely fine grind. The fine grind results in a stronger cup off coffee with fewer grounds, meaning the bag lasts longer than a regular bag of coarsely ground beans. I really can’t say aenough about how finely ground it is: it’s almost like a powder! The vaccuum packing also means it’s just a bit more fresh when you first open the bag. Overall – no complaints at all: great tasting, strong-as-you-want-it coffee here.
MitchWalton, OR

Don’t expect much

Most high quality coffees have layers of flavor and nose you want to smell. I brewed this using my French press and was extremely disappointed. This Melitta Classique Supreme is some of the worst, most bitter, awful-tasting coffee I have ever had. There is no depth to it, it is not a “good bitter” like espresso, it is flat and harsh to the palate.

Perhaps I am spoiled by having excellent local coffee producers, from which I purchase whole bean and grind them fresh before each brew. But I’ve actually had canned coffee from supermarkets that possessed more personality than this stuff.

BrandyJohnson City, NY

Okay, but not my cup of coffee

Background: I am a big fan of Trader Joe’s coffee. We have a Bunn Coffee Maker with the slow sprayhead and a Capresso Burr Grinder. So, I guess you could say that my husband and I really like our coffee. I usually use a combo of The Joe’s coffee at TJ’s and the decaf Columbian. I do make it strong–I just realized how strong when I googled it a moment ago.

This Coffee: I used 1 Tbsp per 5-7 oz. cup. I couldn’t find the directions on the package as some people did–it must have been in small print. It was like mud. Way too strong. Even so, I didn’t like the flavor of the coffee. It reminded me a lot of store bought Maxwell House or Diner coffee. It had a bit of a burnt aftertaste to it for me.

So, for me, I’m going to stick with Trader Joe’s coffee.

DaniloElon College, NC

Unobjectionable mid-range blend

In marketing terms, I’m not certain what “classique supreme” is supposed to mean — if anything. Reviewing coffee is a matter of taste, literally as well as figuratively, and I found this to be a fairly standard, but not at all bad, mid-range roast. On some tastings, it reminded me quite a bit of McDonalds coffee, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing though it probably isn’t either as “classique” or as “supreme” as the folks at Melitta would like. It was very drinkable across the course of a morning, neither aggressively dark and bitter nor bland and tasteless. Though I might venture out from time to time into other roasts and blends, this would be a perfectly serviceable day-to-day option for coffee fans.
SamuelMatthews, GA

A quality supreme coffee

I must admit that I had never tried any style of Melitta coffee before this Cafe Collection Classique Supreme. I am an avid coffee drinker and have at leat 6 cups every morning. It is just part of my regular routine. I crave the cafeine and the taste just wakes me up and starts any day perfectly. I always get a medium blend and find that with generic coffee be it Folgers, Maxwell House or any store brand I don’t really notice a taste difference.

So it was a treat to try a coffee that is considered a delicacy and not just a power boost. This coffee is a pleasure from just opening the bag. The aroma of just the beans is beautiful. And when you go to make the coffee you will probably do the same as me and go to measure the amount equal to the water amount the same as when you make your standard coffee. But you may have to toy with the measurement of coffee per ounces of water to be able to fully appreciate this coffee. It was nice to have this coffee that is part of a specialty collection meet up to my expectations. The beans are ground extra fine and though still providing a medium blend quality it far surpasses my regular coffee. It definitely is smoother and the taste is rich and full providing a very satisfying coffee experience. I found myself slowing down and enjoying each sip with absolute pleasure.

As I said I am not one to explore all the supposedly specialty roasts or flavored coffees but am very glad I came across this Melitta blend. Very satisfying and will definitely become part of my coffee regime when a definite treat is needed.

VikiDayhoit, KY

Average Coffee/Better than Most Grocery Brands

I brewed this coffee with the recommended ratio of water to coffee: 6 oz. water & 2 teaspoons coffee. It was very weak brewed this way; like coffee-flavored tea. So I brewed another batch at 3 t coffee to 6 oz. water and it was better. This is not a bad cup of coffee just not very complex & definitely a medium roast at best. I brewed some 8 O’Clock Original roast for comparison (I thought that would be a good coffee to compare) & this coffee came in second to that. This is not a very interesting cup of coffee; serviceable and good for people who don’t like a strong brew. I am not a black, tar coffee lover but I prefer more flavor.

If you like a dark roast coffee like Starbucks, you will be underwhelmed. But if you like Folgers or other grocery store brands, this is definitely a step above. It is not bitter & it is good with a bit of cream.

I brew coffee using the pour-over method, directly in to my stainless carafe. This is my system:

Melitta Cone Coffee Filters, Natural Brown, No. 6, 40-Count Filters (Pack of 12)
Copco 2 Quart Thermal Capacity Brushed Stainless Steel Carafe
Oster 5965 Stainless-Steel 1-1/2-Liter Electric Water Kettle
RSVP Maunual Drip Coffee Filter Cone for Carafes or Thermos

EugenaCopan, OK


My husband and I tried this coffee in place of our favorite Dunkin Donuts one day and we had to throw out the pot. It was too bitter to drink! We definitely do not recommend this coffee.
CandaceMacdona, TX

I’ve Had Better Coffee in European Cafes: A Melitta Cafe Collection Classique Supreme Ground Coffee Review

We enjoy our morning coffee and, years ago, bought an espresso machine to stop paying so much money over to Starbucks. Not only do we like coffee, but we know what we like and this isn’t it.

Flat bottom drip coffee makers use a medium grind to brew a perfect cup; while cone filtered drip pots can use a fine grind. However this coffee is ground, according to the package, extra fine. This type of grind is typically used in espresso machines, not drip coffee makers. I have to wonder how much the grind affects the flavor of this coffee.

The flavor is smooth, and non-acidic, while at the same time bland and forgetful. We usually use a tablespoon of grounds per cup. We tried the two teaspoons, as recommended on the package, which resulted in a weak cup of coffee. Using our norm, the coffee had more flavor, but wasn’t good.

The only good thing about this coffee is using the used grounds in the garden. I’m seriously thinking of soaking the remaining grounds so I can toss them in the garden. If you are looking for a true European coffee, try Lavazza or Illy.

Used grounds can be used in the garden
Not bitter or acidic

Bland & forgetful flavor

KatharinaApple Springs, TX

Bold Taste Without Bitterness

Years ago, I used Melitta’s coffee, and I’d forgotten how good it is. When I tasted a cup of this blend, I was reminded how good it can be to drink a cup of coffee that has bold flavor, but NO bitterness.

Unlike some “designer” brands that are so bitter they give you the shakes, or some supermarket brands that are weak and lacking aroma, Melitta has hearty, satisfying flavor, and a rich coffee smell. Brew it to your desired strength, sit back and enjoy!

FrancesMazie, KY

Nice Cup O’ Joe

I’ve been a fan of the Melitta system for years. It’s simple, and eliminates the expense of an
appliance. For one or two persons, it’s a great way to make coffee. I have always used regular
grind coffee with a Melitta basket, but the Classique Supreme has changed my mind. Melitta’s
coffee is ground very finely, almost to a powder consistency, which works better with their
drip basket system. I often ran the water through twice with regular grind, but don’t need to
do so with the Melitta coffee. Whenever I can eliminate a step, I’m happy.

This particular Melitta coffee, the Classique Supreme, has a rich flavor compared to the
rather ordinary coffees that I’ve gotten used to. Taken black, it has a smoky, vaguely
Espressoesque flavor that I find quite delicious. Adding a little creamer (I use the
liquid variety) cuts that flavor considerably. The package directions specify two level
teaspoons per six-ounce cup, which I find inadequate; twice that amount is much better.
Classique Supreme may be a bit pricey, and there may well be better “gourmet” coffees
out there, but it works for me, and I certainly would get it again in the future.

My only complaint: the package is difficult to open without spilling some contents.

DinorahSmithland, IA

Bold + Smooth – Acid = A Winner

I am honestly, pleasantly surprised by Melitta’s Classique Supreme blend. I was expecting a grocery-store quality coffee, but it far surpasses anything I’ve purchased at my local supermarket and, interestingly enough, I like it better than most beans I’ve purchased at specialty coffee shops. Here’s why:

It’s got a bold flavor akin to Kenyan beans but has a rich, full, smooth (almost chocolatey) texture like Sumatra. As if combining the best bits of my favorite coffee regions wasn’t enough, it’s a very low acidity coffee, almost completely lacking that bitter / burnt aftertaste that plagues so many dark blends. It’s not a “bright” coffee like those grown in Latin America. I believe this blend of coffee would be absolutely PERFECT FOR DESSERT SERVICE, but shouldn’t necessarily be limited there.

I’ve brewed a few pots at work to rave reviews. Even the barely-colored-water-that-she-calls-coffee gal shrugged and said it was good. I’m not inclined to drink my coffee black, but this blend is smooth enough to be palatable, even for me. In fact, I surprised myself by enjoying my first 10oz cup with no creams or sweetener. Pretty remarkable stuff.

At its current price point, it’ll end up being a bit more expensive but of far better overall quality than your average grocery store, but may be comparable (or even cheaper) than your local coffee shop. If you like a smooth, flavorful coffee, Melitta’s Classique Supreme blend is a safe bet for a very enjoyable cup o’ joe.

YvetteMarshall, MN

Decent but wouldn’t buy again except for a special occasion

Before I start, I will openly admit that I love a good cup of coffee and over the years have become a bit of a coffee snob with my tastes. I don’t like any flavored coffees, iced coffees, or even much of the frilly expressos and cappaccinos. I simply like a great cup of coffee.

I liked the Melitta coffee okay but I’m truthfully not convinced it is worth its price. Don’t get me wrong, I consumed the whole bag; I am just unsure it is something I will purchase again. It had the nice, strong taste of shade-grown coffee beans which I liked but I wouldn’t say I loved. I’m not sure it is any better than some of the specialties you can purchase in your local grocery (I’m not talking Folgers and Maxwell House here, but the other shade-grown coffees).

If this product comes up in a good sale, I might be tempted to purchase it for a special occasion but otherwise, I probably won’t be buying again.

SkyeSolebury, PA

surprisingly good!

I only purchased this because it was offered to me free through Vine. I usually buy Starbucks whole bean coffee and grind it myself. I was very surprised at how good this coffee was, even though it was already ground. It is strong and rich and fresh. I’d definitely buy this again!
ErichOakham, MA

EXCELLENT coffee! – Keurig coffee maker.

I use the Keurig Coffee maker at home. It’s great, I love it. Read my review on it here within this site. For those of you who don’t know – the Keurig “K-cup” coffee maker uses these little cup-packets of coffee grounds to make individual servings of coffee.
I recently bought the part for my coffee maker that allows you to brew your own ground coffee, such as this. I’ve used it several times, but the coffee always comes out watery or bitter. I was hesitant to try this brand but let me tell you – it’s AWESOME.
This coffee is now my new favorite one to make at home. I’ve had it several times now and it’s always consistently awesome. A nice bold flavor without being bitter or watery. It’s the ultimate coffee – a nice solid smooth coffee flavor without any harshness or tart aftertaste. I highly recommend this one for any Keurig Coffee Maker users out there!!!!
MarhtaIndian Mound, TN

Great for cold brew coffee!

Cold brew coffee is a tradition here in New Orleans and we are always looking for good coffee to use. This Melitta Classique Supreme Ground produced a rich, delicious cold brew that we really enjoyed. We will definitely order some more.

If you’ve never tried cold brew coffee you really should. This is the brewing system we use. We’ve had it for over 20 years! Toddy Cold Brew System. You have to let it sit all night and then you have to deal with a pound of wet grounds (we use them for fertilizer,) but when you’re done you have a carafe of cold coffee that lasts (us anyway) about a week. It’s cold and refreshing and not the least bit bitter.

Very nice an a hot summer morning.

HarrietYork, AL


I learned to drink coffee black and cheap and have never varied much from that. Strong is fine so long as it isn’t bitter. Complexity is okay if you can find it cheap or if someone else is paying for the cup, but there’s no need to get carried away. It’s just coffee.

This Melitta brand (Cafe Collection Classique Supreme) is quite smooth and tasty. If the cost was comparable to the big cans of Chock Full o’Nuts at BJ’s I’d happily buy it. But it just doesn’t taste enough better for it to cost much more.

MarisaWilliamstown, NJ

On Par With Millstone, But Below Strabucks

I like coffee a lot. I drink my coffee black, and I love the varieties from Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Gevalia, Arriba!. So when I had the opportunity to try this new coffee from Melitta, I was eager to see what they had to offer.

My setup is a Gevalia 12 cup coffee maker using Melitta No. 4 unbleached cone filters. For the trial, I brewed 6 cups of the Melitta the same way that I do my Starbucks – two rounded scoops using the Gevalia coffee scoop. I was a little surprised at how light it came out, and it did not have a lot of flavor. It definitely came out lighter than the other coffees that I have used – I have been getting satisfying results from my coffee maker and brands listed above using this method for 5 years. For the next few pots that I made I used “heaping” scoops to try to get it stronger. While it came out darker, I was disappointed in the overall flavor. Since this is listed as a “medium” roast, I was looking for something on par with either either the Starbucks House or Peru Chanchamayo roasts. This may be unfair since these are both Latin American beans, and I could not find anything about the origins of the Melitta Classique Supreme. I found the flavor slightly earthy, but there just wasn’t a lot that stood out. I like coffees that are have citrus flavors or rich and nuttier. Ultimately it is more of a lack of flavor that stuck with me. It is unoffensive but underwhelming.

If you are a current Starbucks or other coffeehouse drinker, you will likely find this somewhat disappointing. If you are looking for a step up from Folgers you might like what you find. As I think about a little harder, I would say that this compares favorably with Millstone coffee. You’ll probably like this coffee from Melitta if Millstone is right up your alley.

FondaMonteagle, TN

Decent-plus medium-roast coffee

Melitta does a good job with this medium-roast coffee. If you need coffee for the office where you can’t grind fresh, this is better than supermarket coffee (that often includes cheaper Robusta beans) by a long shot Brew it a bit stronger than recommended to get a full taste. You can’t get it to taste like dark roast by making it stronger – that just makes coffee bitter. If you want dark roast, buy dark roast. Medium roast offers pleasures of its own, and can let the individual qualities of coffee come through nicely.

Fine grind coffee is meant to made in a filter cone, and this stuff is pleasant and smooth with some personality when done that way. So if you’re looking for a convenient ground medium-roast blend for weekday mornings and don’t want to go through the hassle of picking out some fancy coffee and grinding it at the store, this is a good reliable solution. Melitta has a good reputation for a reason.

Oh, and it is Kosher, too.

AnnabellLangley, AR

Bold Coffee

I like strong coffee; so when this came I made a pot and my husband and I tried it. The coffee is ground fine and is bold in taste but not bitter. Other than that I cannot say I would buy this coffee. My husband liked it; I can take it or leave it. Melitta has a good name and maybe if this coffee were brewed in a Melitta Coffee maker and filter; it might have a different flavor. It was okay.
ShantellMartinsburg, PA

Nice for a medium roast

This is a good coffee for people who don’t like their brew all that strong. A friend who likes the lighter roasts loved this brand, and went ahead and bought his own 3-pack.

Personally, I need more flavor and body in my morning cuppa coffee.

This grind did work well in DSY “pods” such as Keurig.

DamianObernburg, NY

Good coffee, but not starbucks

I like strong coffee. I like starbucks. I wanted to like this coffee, but found it not strong enough, even when I tried to double up on the brew strength. Still, for a weaker tasting coffee, it was good.
DamianThompson, IA

Passable, but not outstanding

I will admit to being a relatively picky drinker when it comes to coffee. I don’t make coffee very much at home and when I do, I tend to buy whole beans to grind at home from independent coffee shops and stores. Because of this I will admit to having a biased opinion of ground vs. whole bean coffee. My experience has always been that that the preground coffee is never quite as full flavored and generally doesn’t taste as good as the coffee house experience.

This experience carried through here. The coffee was good, certainly better than what I’ve had at a lot of restaurants, but it wasn’t great. I could see this being a good everyday drinking coffee if you’re looking for something middle of the road for a caffeine fix, but since I drink coffee at home more rarely and more as a treat, I think I’ll continue to splurge on whole bean coffees.

StaceeSweeny, TX

It was a hit at the office! Deep, robust taste!

My husband’s officemates take turns providing coffee for the machine. He took this in for his turn (without telling them anything about it) and probably half the office commented how good it was and asked where he got it–and requested he bring that variety again. So it looks like this will be a regular purchase for us.

Direct from hubby: A very smooth and robust tasting coffee. I prefer the stronger varieties and this one does not disappoint! The first pot I mixed as I normally do for a new coffee, wow intense! I then backed down to a normal mix and enjoyed the pot more. I highly recommend this coffee to anyone that is seeking the deep, robust taste of a European coffee.

AndreaHays, MT