Melitta Coffee Pods for Senseo and Hamilton Beach Pod Brewers, Dark Roast , 4.44-Ounce,

True to our European heritage, we select only premium high grown coffees from the finest coffee producing regions of the world. These top quality, hand-picked beans are then batch roasted and ground extra fine to release the full elegance of the coffee. The result is an exceptional flavor that is always rich and never bitter.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 18 count bags (Total of 108 pods)
  • Specially designed for use in all Senseo and Hamilton Beach pod coffeemakers
  • 100% premium coffee
  • Deep intense flavor with a smooth finish. Always rich, never bitter
  • Biodegradable

Top reviews

Equal to the Senseo pod

I bought these because like the previous reviewer I found the Senseo pods unavailable. Gave them a shot, and very pleased, will definately get these again, they are every bit as good as the Senseo, pod, and I did a side by side test, no significant differance, might even be a little more frothe with the melitta.
CinderellaJerome, PA

It replaces Senseo coffee pods and is a fine alternative!

Senseo coffee pods are frequently difficult to find in stock at our local stores and now that Amazon no longer offers subscription service, I decided to try the MELITTA Coffee pods because they fit the Phillips Senseo Coffee Maker Machine. Guess I should stock up to avoid “out-of-stock” or “discontinued” situations again because we use our Phillips Coffee Pod Maker Machine several times every day. That said, if the cost of these coffee pods keep rising, we just may switch to another brand of coffee pod machine or depend entirely on our automatic coffee maker for a good hot cup of java.
ScottieArkansas City, KS

Taste worse than Senseo

It feels like just water with some coffee scent…I bought 8 packs of this product, but I am regretting that I should buy senseo even though I pay a little bit more.
GaryElma, IA

fine substitute for the hard to find Senseo

The Senseo pods are, at the time of this writing, unavailable anywhere. Not in stores, not from Amazon, not from Senseo. According to Senseo customer service, they will be available “this summer”, but only through Amazon and No longer in retail stores in the US market. These Melitta pods work fine in my Senseo machine. Good froth on top, look just like the senseo pods. I have a few senseo pods left; might do a side by side taste comparison. Anyway, at time of writing Amazon is out of stock on these Melitta pods; everyone else must have heard they’d work in their Senseo machines and are buying them up. If you look in most retail stores you won’t find them; currently they are only available in Walmarts. Walmart’s website will tell you if the store nearest you has these in stock. Melitta’s website says they will expand into other retail stores soon. Good news, because I have lost all confidence in Senseo for making their pods online only. I’ve always ordered them online but not everyone wants to buy 6 bags/case at a time, especially if they like to have a bag of regular and a bag of decaf going. Then they’d have 12 bags in the pantry. How silly.

Editd to add: Melitta makes two kinds of pods, this one in a bag like Senseo’s, and another in a box. If you are shopping for Senseo replacements, buy this one (in bag). The boxed variety don’t fit.

GinoPortland, CT

Bitter and not as good as Senseo Dark

I don’t like these near as much as the Senseo dark pods. I noticed immediately they have a more bitter taste and require half and half to taste decent. They do make a nice froth and I got used to the taste after a couple packages. However, I was going in expecting them to taste the same and they definitely do not. Unfortunately Senseo has pulled out of the US market so these are what we get. It is better than nothing though, and at least they are available locally. It looks like the Senseo pods are back in stock but they went up by 33%.
SusanaDurand, MI

Made for Senseo

The Senseo pods made by Sarah Lee have reportedly been discontinued and are almost impossible to find. Melitta has introduced a new series of pods that are designed to be used in the Senseo and fit perfectly.The packaging and appearance of the pods are very similar to the former Senseo pods. Melitta has also produced a series of pods in the past which are too big for the Senseo machines and do not fit without forcing. Please be sure to order the Melitta pods which are designed to be used in the Senseo. The Keurig machine completely dominates the market for single serve coffee makers and most coffee producers have discontinued making pods for the Senseo. Just when I thought I would have to junk my Senseo machine, Melitta introduced a new line of pods for the Senseo.
TommyWhitehouse Station, NJ

coffee hound

Very acceptable price for the qty of product I received. Quick service and I will order again when I get close to running out. Excellent taste…..even more so when 2 pods are used.
ShalonHudson, IL

coffee pods

I was very disappointed when Senseo stopped selling their coffee pods. However, finding Melitta’s pods was the best thing that could happen. These pods are actually better than Senseo and fit my Senseo machine perfectly. I also like the fact that I get 6 packages instead of 4. The price is good and the quality excellent. Thank you Amazon and Melitta for making these available to Senseo users..
KathyWooton, KY

rich and strong–for decaf

I very much like senseo decaf which i’ve been using for three years. This is just a little bit better.
NieshaSatellite Beach, FL

Good cup of coffee

I use a one cup coffee maker and used to use Senseo pods which I found at the grocery store but then the stores stopped carrying them so I turned to Amazon and tried these and I like them even better than the Senseo.. I use 2 pods for each mug of coffee and it is good. Not bitter and not weak like all the other brands I have tried… Good stuff!!
DanaAnnapolis, IL

Close to the senseo Dark Roast

I had the subscription of the senseo dark roast one day Amazon stock went out. So I tried Baronet and Melitta.
Melitta is the closest you can get from senseo dark roast, but if you want to go beyond that I recommend Baronet, the coffee flavor is stronger and you can smell the coffee far away.
HeathRockbridge, IL

Enjoyable, quick cups of coffee with no waste

My mother loves this coffee and the pods fit her coffee maker. It is hard to find pods that do work for it, so we have a standing order for this brand. She can have one or two cups, and go on her way. You just can’t beat the ease!
AnnettNorth Monmouth, ME

weak coffee if used in Hamilton single brewer

This product can not be returned, so when the coffee turned out weak this was a real waste. I used this in the Hamilton Beach single cup brewer.
CiaraYorkville, NY

Melitta Decaf Coffee Pads

The product arrived quickly and in good condition. The flavor is not as I remember it.. It seems like I can taste the paper in it — or something.
SangPortsmouth, RI

A nice alternative to Senseo

These Melitta coffee pods are just as good as the Senseo pods. They are a better value and easier to get.
DarrylSells, AZ

Wake up with a great cup of Melitta Coffee!

I have always used Senseo coffee but when I couldn’t get decaf from Amazon for a period of time (thanks Amazon for keeping me apprised of the situation!) I decided to Try Melitta. It was delicious and I loved being able to buy by the bag instead of by the case! Now if I could only convince someone to offer hot chocolate pods I would be over the Moon…and Back again!
HipolitoSomerset, CO

Good coffee

This is a nice full-bodied coffee that replaces the Senseo pods that Amazon used to carry. I highly recommend it if you’re one like me who is trying to hang on to their Senseo coffee maker and not have to purchase a Kurig.
AllineIsle, MN

Tasty replacement for Senseo

After reading the review of others I decided to give these a try. I was out of Senseo coffee, and it was not available (I see it has since come back into stock). I either needed to find an alternative or retire my trusty Senseo machine. This was on sale, so I decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it had a great rich taste, and it fit my machine perfectly. This is available in Subscribe & Save, making it an even better price. All-in-all I have been quite pleased.
NigelHellier, KY

Thank Goodness!

These Melitta Medium coffee pods were a great purchase! After the fiasco with the disappearance of Senseo pods on the market, I was about to dump my Senseo machine. So glad I kept it and found these pods. I think I might even like the taste better than Senseo!
Thanks, Amazon, for rectifying a bad situation.
MargertDumont, IA

Awesome coffee from Amazon

Used to use Senseo dark roast and loved it. When Senseo left us high and dry, I tried several other options, including the coffee duck, it was ok, just a little more work and mess. Wolfgang puck was good but didn’t fit exactly right to get the double cup. Then I found Melitta, BETTER than Senseo. I hope Melitta doesn’t fade away or jack up the price, Senseo did that before it disappeared. That will send me back to perking a pot. Try it, it’s delicious, full bodied, satisfying, rich dark roast with the creamy foam we love.. Love it. Also, love having it delivered automatically once a month, another great perk when you shop at Amazon.
MichikoYale, SD

Pods fits my senseo coffee maker

This is a good replacement for the senseo pods. I love my senseo coffee maker and it is unfortunate that the company (Philips) discontinued it in the USA. These pods replace my Douwe Egbert senseo pods. Different taste but I am satisfied.
KristalVotaw, TX

Great Value and Flavor

I have been very pleased with the taste and value of the Melitta Medium Roast. I was a Senseo Kona drinker, but I can no longer find the product. After trying a couple of other brands, I found the medium roast to be just the right strength for both hot and iced coffee (2 pods). The subscription makes it an extra good deal without the hassle of having to order every month.
OmegaDeadwood, OR

coffee pods

Pods were perfect size for Senseo Coffee maker – not too thick to fit well. Very good coffee, great price. Will continue to purchase this coffee.
SherriRedstone, MT

Great convenience

These pods fit perfectly in the Bunn single coffee maker. They are hard to find in the store
for the Bunn, so it is nice to have them delivered monthly to my home. Would like to have
them also available for subscription in a dark roast flavor.
MaryleeCrockett, TX

Senseo (Melitta) Coffee Pods

Great taste, no waste. Each cup is perfect everytime. I only wish that the price will come down to an affordable cost.
ZenaidaZebulon, GA

Good Coffee For the Price

No complaints from the guys at work. On packet for 8oz, two for 12oz. We use it with Hamilton Beach pod brewer.
RaymondeHollywood, AL


These are perfect for that afternoon pick me up. I use 2 pods in my maker with 12 oz. of water…makes a tasty cup of coffee! Good price, too!
JasonGlace, WV

Substitute for Senseo Pods

I was heartbroken when Philips stopped selling coffee pods here in the US because I love my Senseo coffee maker. However, the dark roast Melitta pods are pretty good! I definitely recommend them.
GhislaineWeedsport, NY

good pod @ good price

Amzn stopped selling the Senseo Decaf pods at the Subscribe and Save price, so I tried out these Melita pods (which do have S&S price) and they are very good… rich taste and full flavor.
MartinStratford, IA

outtastes Senseo

Your being unable to continue sending me Senseo coffee pods has turned out to be a very positive thing: I have found the Melitta coffee pods superior.
LinnGeorgetown, IL