Melitta Coffee Pods, Vanilla Creme Brulee Flavored Coffee, Medium Roast, 18-Count, 5.89 oz

True to our European heritage, we select only premium high grown Arabica coffee beans from the finest coffee producing regions in the world. These top quality, hand-picked beans are then batch roasted and ground extra fine to release the full elegance of the coffee. The result is an exceptional flavor that is always rich and never bitter. Just like the finest cafe coffee.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four 18 count boxes (Total of 72 pods)
  • Semi-compressed coffee pods; For best results use in pressurized pod coffeemakers
  • 100% premium high grown Arabica coffee; Made with natural and artificial flavors
  • Individually foil wrapped to ensure ultimate freshness; Kosher OU certified
  • Rich creamy smooth vanilla flavor with a delicious caramel finish

Top reviews

Just OK

The coffee beans used in this blend are, in my opinion, too bitter for a Creme Brulee flavored coffee. I don’t believe the dark roast (I only drink dark) is causing the problem, I suspect it’s the beans themselves.
RebbeccaAjo, AZ

Flavor just okay

I liked this coffee okay but didn’t think the taste was a flavorful as the description made it sound. Would probably not buy this particular flavor again.
GracieRound Pond, ME

Great Rich Taste….. our Favorite.

I am always sceptical of trying a new flavor of Coffee pods, escpecially when you buy such a large quantity. But this one was a WINNER. Good flavor and strong enough, but not over powering.
Beats Senseo by a mile. Will soon try other flavors of Melitta.
ReannaNorth Stratford, NH

Mellitta Vanilla Creme Brulee Coffee pods

I LOVE the flavor of this coffee and use it everyday. It is a smooth and flavorful taste that lingers after you finish a cup of it. I’m hooked! The only problem is that often the pods are too full and my Phillips coffee maker can’t handle it and spits water all over the counter. I then have to shut it off and push the pod down (now it’s wet) and turn the coffee maker back on.
MarvelBelle Valley, OH

A more flavorful brew using distilled water with Senseo pod holders

To get the best flavor from this pod in a Senseo coffee maker: use the double pod holder, then stuff in one of these Melitta pods, and pour a teaspoon of distilled water (we keep a jug of it handy to fill the senseo water resevoir) into the holder on top of the pod. Let it soak in for a few seconds and pour off any excess. The pod will now be wetted and stuck inside the pod holder. Then place into the Senseo and use the double cup setting with a larger cup for a perfect brew. Prewetting the pod in the holder with the distilled water allows the initial steam brew to generate a better and more consistent cup of coffee. For the coffee aficionados out there it is the equivalent to wetting the coffee filter and grounds in a regular coffee pot prior to brewing a full pot of coffee.
CalistaWelcome, MD


Great and as advertised. Item was shipped on time and the material is pretty good. Have bought many more again. I use this on the Senseo machine. you need to use the larger pod holder and ‘pack’ with your hands around it once place so no water scapes from the sides. Recommend this item.
AntonCharlestown, IN

great coffee, BIG pods

This is our favorite creme brulee. It’s a dark roast, sweet, smooth and so so good. Use a double pod holder(which came standard with the Senseo Deluxe model coffee machine), the pods are big and don’t fit well in a single pod holder.
RodrickScottsburg, OR

coffee pods

I loved these pods i was unsure about them but i took the plunge and it was the best move i made , i would highly recomend these pods to anyone who likes good coffee .
NancyInman, KS

Good Coffee

The coffee pods are tastey but they do not really fit a Senseo coffee machine. The flavor is good but I have to stack two to fikk a mug. Convient to use w/o a mess.
NishaClearwater, SC