Mementa Tea, Organic Chinese White Tea, 100-Count Tea Bags

White tea comes from the youngest buds and leaves from the Camelia sinensis plant- the same plant from which green and black teas are derived. The leaves undergo virtually no oxidation and are dried to retain their high antioxidant properties. Slightly sweeter and more toasty than green tea, white tea was once proclaimed by Emperor Hui Zhong as “the very culmination of elegance.”

Quick facts

  • 100 tea bags individually wrapped in foil envelopes to lock in freshness
  • Grown, handled, and processed according to USDA Organic standards
  • USDA organic certified
  • approximately 15 mg caffeine
  • Item package has been changed from regular to Mementa, Its just a name and package change but the item is the same

Top reviews

OH MAH GAH! This tea is sooooo good!

Wow. Finally an organic white tea I totally LOVE!

Firstly, this is so super-fresh and you don’t get a weak cup of tea from one tea-bag (definitely no skimping in that department). I think the packaging of the tea-bags in individual plastic wraps rather than paper definitely help with the freshness factor.

Secondly, this is super mild on your tummy even on an empty stomach. I can drink a cup of tea with a little honey while fasting and not feel ill.

Thirdly, I can even drink this in the evening without getting caffeine jitters even though it does have a small amount of caffeine (admittedly, the characters in my dreams are a bit more energetic though, but, not too much as to startle me awake).

Fourthly, this tea is very unassuming flavor-wise and can be easily blended with other teas to your personal liking.

In udda woids, this is some really awesome tea!

And, with that being said…

Tasty tea to all and to all some tasty tea!

CandidaHayward, MN

clean taste at a great price

I switched to white tea from black tea. Unlike green tea, this white tea does not have a grassy taste which I don’t care for. It also does not have the bitterness of regular black tea. This is real white tea, not a blend with green or black tea. Overall it has a nice clean and light taste. I drink a lot of cups of tea every day. My teeth stained very easily with the black tea but the white tea has only a minimal, if any staining effect. You also don’t end up with the black rings in your tea cups that you can barely remove. It is a lot of tea bags for the price and as an added bonus it is also organic. The bags are individually sealed in plastic pouches. The only negative I can think of is the quality of the bags themselves. The string sometimes comes off and I have had a few plastic pouches with tea leaves in them but no bag. However, the quality of the tea itself makes up for it.
JennyBurgin, KY

Best Tea….

This is two boxes of 100 each… that’s 200 Tea bags. It is really great Tea and white Tea is the best. This will be the only Tea from now on for me.
NorbertWhitley City, KY

I love it!

This was already my 2nd order for this Ceylon Tea, Amazon was out of stock before and I was so glad that it was available again when I checked it.

This white tea is perfect specially if you put some honey in your tea which we usually do at home. I really love the taste and this tea is also affordable, that’s why I’m ordering this again.

AnniceMonroe, IN

Great product & value

This is a great value for the amount of tea bags you get and they are organic. I love to drink this tea daily and don’t need to worry about running out any time soon! It tastes mild like white tea does, but you can add whatever else you need for taste. Terrific value &
so healthy for you!
JohnsonVoth, TX

Good and good for you.

White tea has the most anti-oxidant properties of any tea, green, black or white. I don’t think there is a blue or purple tea out there… Anyways, it’s flavorful and best of all, cheap.
ImogeneSand Lake, MI

Good Tea

Good tea. I drink about 1-3 cups a day by adding lemon juice and raw honey. Wish it came in unbleached tea bags. Sometime the bags breaks, leaving tea leaves all over.
WinfordPoint Lay, AK

I very much enjoy the tea

I love this tea. It is mild yet flavorable and gentle taste. I will definately purchase it again, and again, and again
CarolinaNew Baden, TX

Love this tea

I have ordered this tea in the past and it is still the best I have ever had. Love this tea!!!
LuigiBoone, NC

tastes great!

Great price for a great product! This is much more subtle than green tea and tastes great with a little cinnamon.
MitziBelton, SC

Serviceable and priced right

This is a serviceable tea. I drink a lot of tea during the day at work, so price becomes important and this is a good tea at a very good price.
LoyceCordova, TN