Mentos Pure Fresh Lemon Cooler Gum, 15-Count

Mentos gum is always refreshing and it’s sugar free.

Quick facts

  • Pure breath and intense freshness

Top reviews

This is my new favorite gum!!

A few months ago I discovered Mentos gum, and loved the way the gum had a very long lasting chewability. The first flavors I tried were Watermelon and Red Fruit. After some online searching I found that there were a number of different flavors, so I ordered some of each flavor so I could have my own little taste test. After all of the sampling, Sweet Mint emerged as my absolute favorite. It has just a little bit of a mint bite, and proved to be very enjoyable. A lot of the mint gums just completely overpower you when you start chewing on them. I now order the Sweet Mint flavor by the box, so I can always have a good supply on hand. Watermelon anod Red Fruit are still on hand, too – just not in the quantity!
FilibertoBrookhaven, NY