Mentos Rolls, Rainbow, 1.32 Ounce

Mentos Chewy Mints are offered in several refreshing flavor varieties.

Quick facts

  • Mentos chewy mints, freshness in a fun, flavorful chew
  • Mixed Fruit is variety of strawberry, orange and lemon fruit flavors that makes a fun go-anywhere snack
  • 14 chewy mints in every roll
  • Always fat free and gluten free

Top reviews


I am a diehard Mentos fan, specifically the fruit Mentos, but these are just gross. The strawberry and orange are good as usual, but the grape ones are disgusting and the watermelon flavor tastes like vomit. The pineapple ones aren’t must better. I appreciate the fact that Mentos tried to expand their flavor collection, but it just didn’t work here. I’ll stick to the regular fruit Mentos.
NelleWashburn, WI


Watermelon, orange, pineapple are all good, but grape and raspberry taste too harsh and have a chemical taste to them.
DawnaNorwood, PA

Most flavors are good

I agree with one of the reviewers in that the grape flavor tastes quite strange. Never knew that Mentos had a rainbow version until just recently, when right before attending a concert at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA, these guys were freely passing out rolls and rolls of these for us to try out. I personally liked the pineapple, strawberry and watermelon flavors, they are the best, in my opinion:-)
MikeClyde, NY

Finally found it

Was looking all over town for this and finally found on Amazon. Love all the flavors. Will buy more.
AbbiePoulan, GA

Rainbow Mentos saved my life!

After enjoying these while in France this summer, I could not find any way to purchase them in the United States, until now! Having these multi-flavored droplets of delight delivered to my door has enhanced my quality of life all around. I eat 2 rolls a day, and look forward to buying more cases in the near future!
ThaoSalisbury, CT