Meow Mix Surf ‘N Turf Cat Food Variety Pack, 2.75-Ounce, 48-Pack

Meow Mix Surf ‘N Turf Variety Pack has a mix of three unique wet food flavors your cat will love. Each delicious meal includes real cuts of tuna, or chicken, or beef in a savory sauce, so your cat will find any cup you choose irresistible!

Quick facts

  • Contains 48 – 2.75 Ounce Cups
  • Variety pack includes: Tender Favorites With Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce (16 Cups), Tender Favorites With Real Chicken & Beef in Sauce (16 Cups) and Tender Favorites With Real Chicken & Liver in Sauce (16 Cups)
  • An irresistible variety with beef, poultry, and seafood combinations in savory sauce
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult maintenance
  • Sealed in stay-fresh easy-open cups to lock in natural juices and flavors

Top reviews

He liked it and so did I until…the next shipment was scheduled

The price doubled by the time it was ready to ship the following month. It’s good food. My cat loves it, and it was a variety pack that I didn’t have to worry he wasn’t going to eat all of.

The price jump was too much for me.

EmikoConesville, IA

they love it

its more expensive but they eat it all so no waste. wish it came in bigger cups, for 2. also there is alot of moisture in it which is good for them too, thinner than gravy more like a sauce.
ThurmanCurrie, MN

The Cat’s Meow

Since I started giving this to my cat, she has forgiven all my past transgressions and brought her boyfriend home for me to meet him. Seriously, she loves the product and no longer leaves food in her dish. GOOD STUFF!!!
HassieTerre Hill, PA

Best I could find for special needs cat.

My cat has that incurable mouth condition (an auto-immune syndrome of stomatitis) and can’t really chew large pieces of food. I was throwing away lots of food before I found the Tender Favorites Variety of Meow Mix. She is able to lap it up because of the moi]sture content and sometimes I add a little chicken broth after she’s left just the larger pieces and she’s able to get more down. The cups are small, that’s good in my case and there’s not much waste, but it’s rather expensive to buy in most stores. Since I’ve found it at Amazon, with free shipping, it’s more resonably priced ! She’s gained weight and is a much happier cat now. That’s well worth a little more money![[ASIN:B000VJHCA6 Meow Mix Tender Favorites Poultry & Beef Variety Pack, 2.75-Ounce Cups (Pack of 48)]
BrianLost Nation, IA

TOO expensive now

This product last month was 21.89, now its $31.58, not happy. Receiving last shipment…stopped subscription! The food is good, but the price I am no longer happy with.
SherrellCottageville, WV

Great for little kitty!

I love feeding my cat these! The plastic cup makes the food slide out, so no having to shake or use a spoon. The packaging it was shipped in was secure, and the price is as low as I can find it anywhere per cup.
DarylCoamo, PR