Merrick Bite Sized Beef Canine Training Treats 5 oz

Bite sized cubes are great for all sizes and ages of dogs.

Quick facts

  • All Natural
  • No artificial coloring or flavoring
  • Made in the USA with ingredients sourced in the USA

Top reviews

What a deal!

Wow, this 12-pack is the best deal I’ve ever seen on healthy dog treats. Maybe a year’s worth of treats for less than $20 including shipping! My greyhound just loves these, and though she can have a touchy digestive system they love her back. They have just one ingredient, beef lung. I also really like that they are crispy, dry, and non-stinky — great to carry in your coat pocket to have on walks, etc.
NickoleNewport, KY

Merrick Beef Treats

My dog just loves these treats. There are no other treats that I have given her that she likes better.
VictorVeguita, NM

Cheaper in bulk for great product

My dog will do anything for these non-fattening treats. I cut them up in small pieces and carry them with me all the time. She actually won a jumping contest in my town jumping for these treats. I highly recommend and love that they are cheaper in bulk.
HattieColumbus, IN