Merrick Bully 6″ Stix

This is one of the most popular treats in the pet world and it’s no secret that dog’s love it.

Quick facts

  • All Natural
  • No artificial coloring or flavoring
  • No preservatives

Top reviews


My husband won a basket of dog treats at a raffle. Most were too big for our little 7lb Chihuahua mix, but she works on them anyway. 🙂 The Merrick sticks weren’t too stinky or greasy (pig ears are way worse) and our pup works on them forever. I didn’t know they were so pricey, but reading the reviews of the other brands, you must be paying for quality. I’m going to bite the bullet and order some of these 6″ sticks for her now. At least I know they last more than a few hours and will be worth the money!
AngeloProvidence Forge, VA

The Best

I have a very small Papillon who’s not quite 2 yet. He loves chewing on bully sticks and he likes Merrick the best. I have given him some non Merrick bully sticks that just lie around half chewed. The Merrick sticks get chewed up to a little nubbin that I throw away when he’s not looking. They do stink like a dead animal or something. It’s really bad but it keeps him out of trouble. I gave him these to chew on as soon as I got him at 4 mos. and he has never chewed on any furniture or other objects. I also noticed that if he doesn’t have one to chew on he starts licking his paws and I’m afraid he could lick a bare spot. These keep him occupied so he doesn’t do stuff like that.
RamonWalkersville, WV

My yorkie loves Merrick Bully Sticks

I gave my yorkie puppy his Merrick Bully Stick and he chewed on it for HOURS, which I love because it freed up some time for me to relax without having my puppy running around destroying everything in my house!

Merrick bully sticks are great for puppies and adult dogs. I have purchased other brand bully sticks and my dog prefers these far more than other brands. The only thing is that Merrick stick tend to have a stronger odor in comparison to other brands, however, the smell reminds me of really strong smokey beef jerky (doesn’t bother me). I’ve heard others complain that Merrick bully sticks smell really stinky so they won’t buy them for their dogs. I guess it depends how sensitive you are to strong odors. I love the bully sticks because they keep my puppy occupied and it helps him with his teething. It’s definitely worth purchasing if you’re having chewing/biting issues with your puppy or need something to keep it entertained.

LindsyLittlerock, WA

Very, Very hard

These were too hard for my old (16yr old) lab to enjoy. Best for young dogs that like to chew.
LeoCaplinger Mills, MO