Merrick Dog Treat Water Buffalo Jumbo Flossie Tendon, 10 to 11-Inch

Merrick water buffalo flossies are extra delicious to give your dogs a long-lasting, satisfying chew (helping to reduce tarter and maintain your dogs teeth and gums). Buffalo have 70-percent to 90-percent less fat compared to beef, on average it has 50-percent less cholesterol.

Quick facts

  • Ingredients: water buffalo tendon
  • USDA sourced ingredients
  • Merrick is a family owned business
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Top reviews

This is “Water Buffalo” Jumbo Flossie.

My big dog really loves this Marrick’s Jumbo Fossie. She usually had Marrick’s Jumbo Fossie Original(i.e. Cow something). When I ordered this product, I was a little confused and I thought it was Marrick’s Jumbo Fossie *Original*. But it was “Water Buffalo” Jumbo Flossie. The appearance was a little different with the original and the extreme smell made me a little crazy(:P), but my dog still love love love to eat this.

* This Marrick’s “Water Buffalo” Jumbo Flossie is,
– For human: the extreme smell might give you a little hard time 🙂
– For dog: still attractive and very delicious treat


RyanPlainfield, WI


My pup LOVED this thing. It didn’t smell very nice, but I got a little break from my furniture being chewed up.

It didn’t last as long as I thought it would so I ordered another.

KendaShenandoah, VA