Merrick Grammy’s Pot Pie Dog Food

Home-style stew made with Buffalo, Venison & Salmon

Quick facts

  • Meat is #1 Ingredient
  • Made in the USA
  • Grain Free pet food
  • Grain Free

Top reviews

great dog food…

UPDATE: They just raised the price another 3.00. When are merchants going to learn that keeping the prices down lead to happier customers. I will no longer be ordering the product and will go back to buying at Trader Joe’s. 2.00 a can is as much as I pay…looks like greed is playing in on this…

My dog is really, really picky (perhaps even spoiled)…we switched him from a dry food to wet food diet a little over a year ago when he was diagnosed with a chondrosarcoma in his mouth…since surgery, he’s been put on mainly a FULL protein diet with as little carbs as possible…I do give him a bit of Wilderness or other high protein dry food as a crunch, but he’s on wet food.

This food has a great breakdown…essentially, add up the moisture, protein, fat, etc…and what is left over is carbohydrate…your dog is not an herbivore…he’s a carivore.

Feed your dog as much protein as possible and he’ll be healthier…cancers feed on carbs…trust me, after researching this endlessly, I figured out what a dog needs best…

This food is chunky, not ground up mush….you dog will like it…enjoy!

LaticiaRemer, MN